Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two for Tea and Eugenics for Thee

All large societies have no fertility alternatives but to practice eugenics or dysgenics (or both), whether the societies realize it.

Some examples of hidden eugenics or dysgenics:
Pensions: a method for childfree, farsighted individuals to obtain care from others in old age while avoiding the costs of childrearing themselves. In the past, adult children provided for their elderly parents.

Seniority based pay: makes children more expensive for young individuals. Harmful mutations increase with age. Older parents pass on more harmful mutations. Female fertility plummets past age 28, affecting the total fertility rate of women postponing childbirth.

Welfare: rewards low IQ, low character individuals for having more children.

Migration: low IQ or low character (or both) nonwhites migrate to the West.

Reckless Wars: altruists often die on behalf of those genetically predisposed to egoism. The eugenic or dysgenic effects vary widely depending on who volunteers or gets drafted or makes the decisions.

Austerity: uncertainty, lower incomes, and postponement of childbirth.

Cultural Marxism: pressures whites to mate with low IQ, low character nonwhites, causes many other whites to see their own fertility as an impediment to a better world rather than as a solution for creating a better world.

Religion: contemporary religions spread dysgenic Sharia and cultural Marxian ideas.

Computers at prisons: online dating sites make it easier for prisoners to set up relationships that produce children after release or during conjugal visits.

Environmentalism: now dominated by cultural Marxism. Encourages whites to avoid childbirth while acting too feckless to oppose migration and population explosions by nonwhites.

Miseducation: status symbol college degrees create immense direct and opportunity costs, making families unaffordable, often creating debt peonage.

Finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE): huge direct and opportunity costs to society while making childbearing families less affordable.

Wrecked public schools: dysgenic breeding forces good parents to homeschool or send children to private schools, leaving parents having good genes with less money for additional children. Forces parents to labor and compete fiercely for spots in decent schools and neighborhoods having fewer neighbors of poor breeding. A vicious spiral.

Helicopter parenting: parents have fewer children while investing in destructive, economically expensive childrearing activities and status competitions.

Nurture assumptions: low IQ, low character, high self-esteem individuals think they can have and mold great offspring when a look at themselves and their relatives indicates bad news. Nurture assumptions cause children to blame their parents parenting instead of taking control of their own lives and their fertility.

Other: Randism, abortion, pathogens, hedonism, consumerism, birth control, health care, mass media, cultural fads, and so on.

"Idiocracy" results from anti-reason Marxian, liberal, libertarian, and neoconservative policies. Followers of such ideologies should blame themselves and their allies for the atrocious results they created.

Societies should avoid mass destruction by having dozens of explicitly eugenic policies, including:
  1. Federally funded sperm banks with sperm obtained from high IQ, high character teen boys and young men. 
  2. Payments for fertile, former special education students to obtain surgical sterilization.
  3. Mandatory surgical sterilization of fertile felons.
  4. Comprehensive, government funded sex, family, and eugenics education, including advertising warning potential parents that if they mate with bad individuals, they'll have bad children, who make their lives living hell.
  5. Inducements to marry young but after a six month waiting period.
  6. Dismantling cultural Marxism, stopping the spread of ghetto and Sharia values.
  7. Immigration bans.
  8. Legalized secessions.
  9. Laws encouraging and enforcing surrogate contracts. 
  10. More research funds for embryo selection and human genetic engineering.
  11. Laws enshrining freedom of association.
  12. Welfare and affirmative action bans.

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