Monday, May 30, 2016

Third Wayism Versus Contemporary Progressivism: a Guide for the Suplexed

When comparing the similarities and differences among Third Wayisms (Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Steve Israel, John Kerry, Robert Rubin, Angela Merkel, Haim Saban, David Axelrod) and Contemporary Progressivisms (Bernie Sanders, Cornel West, Tim Wise, Raúl Grijalva, Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison) I will rely on the record of past behaviors, not the falsehoods in platforms.

Third Wayism: tolerates or stealthily supports neoconservatism.
Contemporary Progressivism: opposes neoconservatism, except the cultural Marxism in neoconservatism.

Third Wayism: tolerates almost no dissent on cultural and ethnoracial issues, immune to well-reasoned ethnoracial arguments.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports Wall Street.
Contemporary Progressivism: opposes Wall Street but sometimes in hamfisted ways.

Third Wayism: supports legalized bribery.
Contemporary Progressivism: opposes legalized bribery, except when good for the cause.

Third Wayism: supports militarism against Infidels, Northern Eurasians, and opponents of Sunni Gulf States.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports militarism against Infidels and Northern Eurasians.

Third Wayism: supports cash-for-clunkers, cap-and-trade, and other pro-rich schemes on environmental issues.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports bans, personal responsibility, government investments, or rarely, Pigouvian taxes on environmental issues.

Third Wayism: supports rule by an unaccountable, global ruling class.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports rule by a different unaccountable, global ruling class.

Third Wayism: pretends to support democracy.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports dysgenic mass destruction.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports small increases in the minimum wage during election years, which if passed, are eroded by inflation.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports $15 per hour minimum wage, welfare for any applicant, universal childcare funding, paid family leave, and paid vacations.

Third Wayism: supports small increases in taxes.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports large tax increases on the wealthy.

Third Wayism: pro-austerity and pro-quantitative easing.
Contemporary Progressivism: anti-austerity.

Third Wayism: ridicules straw person opponents to promote own thoughts of superiority.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: encourages individuals to attend colleges and acquire debts while being indoctrinated.
Contemporary Progressivism: free public college indoctrination, plus tuition debt jubilee.

Third Wayism: uses trade agreements to support global rule and redistribution to the top.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports fair trade.

Third Wayism: supports stealth affirmative action quotas more than explicit quotas.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports explicit and de facto affirmative actions quotas.

Third Wayism: supports genocide of whites.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports tokenistic infrastructure projects.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports large increases in infrastructure spending, often misspending.

Third Wayism: supports public sector unions.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports most unions.

Third Wayism: supports the Affordable Care Act.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports Medicare for all or a Canadian style health system.

Third Wayism: supports freedom of association, except for whites and any other perceived enemies.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports stealth opening of borders in white majority countries.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports explicit open borders in white majority countries.

How do you pay for the above with billions of aggressive, low productivity welfare and affirmative action seeking migrants and their descendants?

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