Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Future We Make

The short, charitable version of the multicultural manifesto: all should be ethically judged on the content of their characters, nothing else.

We live a planet with more than three billion nonwhite adults. How many nonwhite adults oppose anti-white bigotry: Frank Salter, Jewamongyou, and some others, probably totalling fewer than 1,000. Even Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams act more multicultural than not.

Nearly all the remainder, no matter how kind they act on the surface, believe in freedom of association for nonwhites but not whites, migrant invasions of white nations but not nonwhite nations, blood guilt for whites but not nonwhites, and multitudes of other contradictory ideas, not to mention the piles of other fallacious rhetoric spouting from cultural Marxism.

So, apparently, nearly all nonwhites find it nearly impossible to treat whites as full humans. How can we have multiracial societies based on individuals being judged by the content of their characters when nearly all nonwhites refuse to do so? Why try to create said societies when nearly all nonwhites are genetically and culturally predisposed to poor character on ethnoracial issues?

Future genetic engineering might not help matters among nonwhites. Nonwhite parents will likely engineer their children for higher IQs, increased familism, and increased egoism. They don't want their children acting white.

The love and tolerance rhetoric has made almost no dent among nonwhites. Such rhetoric mostly makes whites more gullible and easier to exploit.

Nonwhites have made their own dysgenic and totalitarian choices. Let them suffer the consequences of their own choices. They will not reform themselves when whites keep rewarding them for evil actions. And whites will not reform themselves when they keep supporting multicultural, divide-and-screw rulers.

Millions of white children and future generations depend on the decisions we make now.

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