Saturday, July 23, 2016

Unconventional Conflicts

Some individuals wonder why nonmulticulturalists focused so much on Rotherham, not other wrongs in the world.

Maybe because there is little Westerners can do about many other evils in the non-Western world. Or perhaps because multitudes of media types and government officials conspired (yes, conspired) for over a decade to hide the fact that thousands of white children were being held in rape slavery and refused to punish the offenders. Compare that reaction with the onslaught of outrage generated over the fabricated Tawana Brawley and Duke lacrosse cases.

Maybe because past history proves Rotherham is a harbinger of massive evils to come.

Multiculturalism is waging an unconventional war of aggression against whites. Most multiculturalists on this planet support the genocide of whites.

Why should we care when adult "civilians" waging wars of aggression suffer harms from their own despicable choices? We didn't force nonwhites to overpopulate their countries. We didn't force nonwhites to engage in massive amounts of dysgenic breeding. We didn't force them to believe horrific ideologies.

Anyone who believes nonwhites shouldn't be criticized for their choices because they believe humans are controlled by only genes and environments should at least be consistent and not criticize their political opponents, who would also be controlled by only genes and environments.

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