Friday, July 29, 2016

Paradoxes of Contemporary Families and Societies

In contemporary societies, if you increase the incomes of single women using establishment methods, single women will spend more money on hedonism and dysgenic breeding. If you decrease the incomes of single women, then you have more children in poverty. If you try to reduce family poverty using establishment methods, victims of establishment dysgenics migrate to white middle class and white working class neighborhoods, ruining far more lives and neighborhoods (the biocultural imperialism of dysgenics and cultural Marxism).

The same goes for many other men and women, with much money wasted on harms and seduction games.

If you give more power to white altruists practicing xenocentrism, they'll commit evils, often the misplaced compassion and misplaced loyalty varieties, until they are back in degraded, low power positions (millions of working class whites paying taxes and voting for establishment candidates, for example). The same results from individuals practicing egoism mixed with xenocentrism (Bob Geldof, Angela Merkel, the Koch brothers, and millions of others).

Societies get ruined for almost everyone.

How do we escape the dysgenic and cultural Marxian traps:
  1. Give a right of secession to all groups and individuals. Add freedom of association rights to constitutions.
  2. Pay Muslims and nonwhites to leave the West.
  3. Fund comprehensive sex and eugenics education. 
  4. Spend more on embryo selection, plus genetic engineering research and development.
  5. Federally fund schooling and advertising that demonizes dysgenics the way eugenics has been demonized for the past several generations.
  6. Federally fund sperm banks drawn from high IQ, high character teen boys and young men, charging minimal fees to users. Subsidize egg donation by high IQ, high character young women.
  7. Ban migration to the West by Muslims and nonwhites, then enforce the bans.
  8. Require a sixth month waiting period before marriage.
  9. Create adequate Pigouvian taxes on most negative externalities, including pollution and advertising.
  10. Gradually require white individuals to raise at least three white children to be eligible for Social Security. Use Pigouvian taxes to pay for Social Security. White individuals failing to do so must provide their own retirements or work until disabled.
  11. Ban government funding, including student financial aid, for universities and vocational schools that teach anything other than nursing, medicine, engineering, natural sciences, and vocational skills.
  12. Sterilize all fertile, convicted felons. Require surgical sterilization among fertile welfare applicants as condition for receiving welfare.
  13. Rescind all government aid to migrants and sanctuary cities.
  14. Pay former special education students to be sterilized.
  15. Break off diplomatic relations with any nation that refuses to take their migrants back, parachuting criminal migrants back to their home countries when home countries refuse to take their citizens back.
  16. Eliminate tax entitlements for religions and other charities promoting political agendas, including property tax entitlements.
  17. Punish (severely) employers hiring Muslim and nonwhite migrants.
  18. Enforce surrogate contracts.
  19. Eliminate welfare and affirmative action.
  20. Fund paid maternity or paternity leave in proportion to the number of years worked.
  21. Make public high schools for only the top 25 percent of students. Require the bottom 75 percent of 14 to 19-year-olds to obtain jobs or attend public vocational schools lasting less than two years. Give any teenage student a right to drop out. Permit public schools to expel any student above the age of 12 for any reason without legal interference. Permit K-12 teachers the right to refuse entry into their classrooms any student they think should not be in their classrooms.
  22. Ban public universities from requiring non-major students from taking courses in the so-called humanities and social sciences.
  23. Ban public schools from employing struggle sessions and oaths of loyalty to diversity.
  24. Create party list proportional representation.
  25. Give the stolen electromagnetic spectrum back to the people.
  26. Require publicly funded and corporate created media that travels across public property or uses the electromagnetic spectrum to serve the public interest, not egoism, militarism, and cultural Marxism. Ban ownership of media by non-citizens.
  27. Eliminate citizenship rights for nonwhite and Muslim anchor babies.
  28. Ban government entities from hiring anyone with any degree in the so-called humanities.
  29. Do more.

The transition costs are high, but the long term costs of continuing on the present path are astronomical for us and thousands of future generations.

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