Saturday, July 9, 2016

No Rhetorical Enemies to the Biocultural Left

For years, multiculturalists have been hammering Hillary Clinton's "super predators" comment and other allegedly tough on crime and welfare comments she made in the 1990s.

It is not enough that Clinton supports open borders and a multitude of other lesser multicultural initiatives. Even slight deviations from cultural Marxism are no longer tolerated among multiculturalists.

So Clinton's recent Dallas comments are no surprise. Her rhetoric is now utterly tamed by cultural Marxism. Almost every rotten behavior by nonwhites can now be grist to excoriate whites. Whites are assumed to be a blamable cause of almost everything harmful done by nonwhites.

For Democrats, almost no rhetorical point for even slight ethnoracial fact facing now exists. Slight dog whistling will no longer get them additional votes and donations from whites.

Almost no race realist will vote for her, period.

White, third way multiculturalists are now so well indoctrinated that they see nothing amiss with whites being blamed for nonwhite actions in Dallas, Orlando, and more importantly, J Street and Wall Street. She can say almost anything negative about whites and still get votes and money from white, third way multiculturalists.

Unfortunately, for nonwealthy domestic multiculturalists and most of us, Clinton's major policy prescriptions support dysgenics, militarism, financialism, and open borders. She's devoted to Haim Saban and George Soros. (Ignore the gold buggism following that latter article.)

The anarcho-tyranny joke's on the nonwealthy domestic multiculturalists and us. African-Americans may get Clinton to be soft on crime, but they'll be many of the crime victims. They may get a little more affirmative action and Section 8 housing, but they'll keep getting reduced wages from chaos, dysgenics, globalism, militarism, and financialism--as will we.

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