Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Law Enforcement Assimilationism Nightmare

The political focus of the mass media now is multicultural law enforcement issues.

So let's imagine that beings came down from the heavens to always enforce laws with complete impartiality, a dream of multicultural law enforcement assimilationism. No legal innocent would ever be imprisoned. No suspect would ever be unjustly wounded since police would be replaced by heavenly beings. If someone was fined for driving slightly over the speed limit, everyone driving the same amount over would be fined the same amount. Would that then make multiculturalism a good thing?

Hell no.


Because the overwhelming majority of multicultural harms come from legalized activities: Welfare. CheatingDysgenics. Militarism. Mercantilism. Totalitarianism. Demagoguery. Self-contradictions, Migrant invasions. Legalized treason. Legalized bribery. Nightmarish schooling. Mass deception. Bait-and-switch. Divide-and-screw. Pump-and-dump. health problems. Cultural nihilism. Affirmative action. Relationship conflicts. Loss of freedoms. Atrocious public policies. Ethnoracial nepotism among multiculturalists. And Cultural imperialism by garbage cultures.

Then there are the massive harms from illegal activities that the heavenly beings would punish equally, but fail to prevent: fraud, espionage, illegal bribery, interracial violent crime, to name a few. Preventing harms is far more important than punishing them afterward.

Multiculturalists legalize harmful activities that should be illegal and also ban beneficial actions by whites and other ostracized groups.

Multiculturalists, despite what they say, don't pursue impartiality. They pursue egoism, conquest, and the annihilation of whites and other perceived opponents. Doing so gives their lives emotive purpose. Get justice, get less peace. They take your country, then they treat you as an enemy of the state for not slavishly supporting they dystopian empire they create, acting as if patriotism means selflessly aiding free riding. When we treat persons of psychological or evolutionary egoism fairly or equally, they will still view the treatments as unfair or unequal, They view whatever they want to believe as fairness. Wealthy Persian Gulf persons, who never worked a day in their lives, nevertheless view themselves as victims of Westerners.

Massive genetic differences related to behavior make differing races incompatible, except when using totalitarian force to keep the temporary peace.

You get more of what you reward. And today's rewards are out of whack and unsustainable.

The main ideological result of assimilation has been assimilating whites into totalitarian, anti-white beliefs systems.

Leave us alone to go our own ways. We are not the property of multiculturalists. Millions of future generations depend our actions.

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