Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Media and Fact Facers

Mass media multiculturalists often announce that ethnoracial fact facers aren't being brave, that fact facers are merely trying to get attention by being contrarian.

But ethnoracial fact facing is the sort of contrarianism that gets you little attention. Few Americans have heard of Thomas Jackson, Gregory Hood, and other realists. Facing facts gets you fired or unhired. You don't get much attention by being permanently banned from the mass media and other institutions. Most Westerners still know almost nothing about ethnoracial issues. (The mountains of fallacious propaganda spread by establishment institutions counts as information, not knowledge.

Cutesy, infotainment contrarianism (Freakonomics, for example) gets attention. When no powerful groups are threatened by contrarian facts, powerful groups love contrarian infotainment. Sports writers love to throw shocking contrarian claims out to grab attention. Human memories are so limited that sports fans forget the previous, inaccurate contrarianism and rumor mongering by sports reporters.

Ethnoracial fact facers write on obscure websites that barely stay afloat. Most Americans cannot name a single race realist writer. Millions have now heard of the phrase Alternative Right, but they mainly hear straw person attacks from the mass media. The mass media in no way want fact facers to get attention, other than demonizations. There are thousands of influential mass media positions in the world, no open race realist holds any of them.

Despite the protection of being African-American, Walter Williams was fired by NPR merely for stating that he gets nervous seeing "Muslim garb" on a plane. He didn't call Muslims slurs. Dozens of others were fired or unhired for simply facing moral facts. Meanwhile, multiculturalists keep their jobs while getting away with monstrous slurs and murderous rhetoric.

Sally Kohn still has a job at CNN after writing "i have no reason to believe not justified" in regards to Vester Flanagan murdering two colleagues. Among Flanagan's spurious racial complaints were statements by co-workers saying they were going "out in the field."

The mass media do not want certain ethical facts entering the minds of citizens.

But then, the media live in unethical bubbles. The fact that millions of working class whites are being massively harmed by multiculturalists--losing their jobs, lives, incomes, families, schools, neighborhoods, countries--does not occur to multiculturalists as motivation for race realism. Treating nonwealthy whites as full humans with equal rights to others seldom occurs to multiculturalists.

Establishment conservatism's favorite buzzword is freedom, yet establishment conservatism destroys freedoms for nonwealthy and ethical individuals. Multiculturalism's favorite buzzword is equality, yet multiculturalism destroys both freedom and equality, especially for whites and nonmuslims.

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