Friday, July 15, 2016

Nonwhite Medical Workers: Avoid Them If You Can

They are low in empathy, especially toward whites.

The minimum IQ of competent doctors is at least 115, more than two standard deviations above most black and dark brown groups. The amount of information doctors must know and carefully weigh is staggering. Lower IQ individuals, even when well-meaning, simply don't have a chance of accurately handling that load of information.

The glib, lazy, selfish, uninformed, overconfident decisions they make, kill or cause lifetimes of severe suffering.

And when they screw up, they'll do what they can to evade responsibility and blame you, simply out of their own egoism and tribalism.

Ignore the fatuous praise heaped on them by white multiculturalists. White multiculturalists are vapidly enthralled by things done nonwhite mammals, including stupid pet tricks, drawing their conclusions from faith, indoctrination, and small sample fallacies.

Ignore nonwhite doctors' skills in BS artistry. It doesn't take much brilliance to be a good BS artist. Look at how talented 15-year-olds are in BS artistry.

In the West, dark triad types congregate in law, finance, government, and mass media. In nonwhite countries, those professions pay little, except for individuals at or near the top. Filipino nurses in the U.S. earn many times more than lawyers in the Philippines. Selfish, dark triad individuals in those countries seek out medical professions, hoping to migrate to the West. Academic cheating in nonwhite countries is the norm and nonwhite students who don't cheat quickly learn that not cheating gives their classmates advantages they consider unfair.

You are usually better off with white nurse practitioners than experienced black and dark brown general practitioners.

Despite their advantages over nonwhite medical workers, white medical workers should also be treated with ethical doses of skepticism. Your life and health are too valuable to be ruined by poorly reasoned decisions, especially decisions motivated by the self-loathing rampant among contemporary whites.

Rely on nonwhite medical workers only in emergencies or when whites are unavailable.

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