Friday, July 8, 2016

Latin America

Gregory Hood delivers a solid article about Brazil and cultural Marxism.

I once worked with a very, very smart white supporter of Marxism, especially regarding Marxism south of the Rio Grande. If you asked him to improvise a 10,000 word soliloquy about Zapatistas, he could probably do so.

He would buttonhole coworkers into conversions about Latin American politics, talking to coworkers as if they were four-year-olds, fuming about their ignorance of Latin American politics and how much blame Americans allegedly deserve for failings south of our border.

Though he would have been a good candidate for a Latin American Jeopardy contest, if you asked my coworker what the phenotype IQs of various Latin American countries were, he might have said, "One-hundred. Like everywhere else." Or maybe, "What's a phenotype?" Asking him about dysgenics or free rider problems would have been even more of an adventure. Asking him how many coups Latin America had before Washington starting seriously messing around in Latin America would have been another interesting topic.

My coworker was smart, not wise.

Since then I have met many other progressive white guys, who act as if their banal historical knowledge of Latin America makes them political prescription experts. They read their Chomsky. The US government did something wrong, therefore they prescribe prescriptions that have been unrelentingly disastrous, as if US government actions justify their own evils. I met one guy who illegally traveled to Cuba and marvelled about Cuba, the Cuba untainted by excesses of consumerism and turbocapitalism.

Once my coworker bragged about how America would become like Brazil and have lots of beautiful women like Brazil. I told him American women were more attractive to me than Brazilian women, and that Brazil was the world capital for women who unintentionally look like drag queens.

He never spoke to me again about non-work topics.

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