Saturday, February 27, 2016

Which Group Is More Ethnoracially Unethical? A or B?

A: Supports freedom of political speech for all.
B: Supports freedom of political speech for Muslims, establishments, and followers of Marx.

A: Opposes imperialism.
B: Supports anti-white imperialism.

A: Supports self-determination for all ethnoracial groups.
B: Supports self-determination for only Muslims and nonwhites not subjugated by Muslims.

A: Supports pan-Europeanism or pan-Arcticism.
B: Supports wars among whites, war against China, plus wars for egoism, cronyism, globalism, and cultural Marxism.

A: Supports evidence from science.
B: Supports scientism and junk science for the cause.

A: Allows philosophical diversity.
B: Acts as if humans must live in cultural Marxian ideological bubbles.

A: Uses slurs sometimes. Uses neutral terms sometimes.
B: Almost always uses ad hominem attacks to refer to ethnoracial fact facers.

A: Supports Austerity.
A: Supports Austerity.

A: Uses relevant statistics sometimes. Uses small samples sometimes.
B: Uses small sample fallacies for worldwide demonization of whites

A: Tolerates criticism.
B: Demonizes whites. Treats Muslims and nonwhites as if off limits to well-reasoned criticism.

A: Tolerates political dissenters.
B: Believes political dissenters should be fired, sued, assaulted, murdered or ostracized.

A: Supports eugenics.
B: Supports dysgenic totalitarianism.

A: Good, enforced fences make better neighbors.
B: Permits Muslims to do evils in infidel countries. Supports Muslim subjugation of infidels in Muslim countries. Permits nonwhites to do evils in white countries.

A: Supports self-reliance or ethnoracial self-help.
B: Sacrifices almost nothing themselves to help nonwhites but destroys the jobs, lives, wages, schools, nations, cultures, families, and neighborhoods of nonwealthy whites to help nonwhites. Demands cheap labor races to bottoms.

A: Sometimes supports merit. Often supports rent seeking.
B: Almost always supports rent seeking.

A: Sometimes democratic. Sometimes autocratic. Sometimes kleptocratic.
B: Almost always authoritarian kleptocratic.

A: Cares little about environment.
B: Pretends to care about environment.

A: Supports sustainable societies sometimes.
B: Supports dystopian hells in the name of equality and other buzzwords.

A: Capable of cognitive dissonance.
B: Seemingly unaware of thousands of self-contradictions.

A: Opposes cultural imperialism.
B: Supports cultural imperialism.

A: Sometimes acts as if claims should correspond with reality.
B: Acts as if repeating falsehoods turns them into facts.

A: Bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw.
B: Bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw more often.

A: Opposes genocide.
B: Supports anti-white genocide.

A needs some reforms. B does inverse weathervaning.

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