Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rhetoric Matters

Rhetoric is any communication attempt to sway individuals, whether fallacious or non-fallacious. Today's outsiders have a very, very difficult time gaining adherents This is not to place most of the blame on outsiders. We live on a planet dominated by power rather than evidence. Most ethical blame resides with the mass media, wealthy multiculturalists, and establishment political powers. Attempts to undo their powers face immense difficulties.


The SJW slur ranks among the most pathetic frigging slurs I have ever seen in my life, almost as if it were a neutral term. I doubt anyone will reevaluate his life after being called an SJW. Justice and warrior are regarded as positive terms. Combining them with the word social does not make an effective slur. Slurs from multiculturalists make whites feel unethical guilt. The SJW slur likely makes multiculturalists feel ennobled.

It is better to avoid fallacious rhetoric. Better to use well-reasoned evidence, to form alternative communities, to prepare for when things get so bad, establishment supporters will begin to open their minds. Well-reasoned arguments have rhetorical value, too.

A massive flaw with slinging mud is individuals become worse than their enemies. Karl Rove is a worse human being than most of the planet. Millions of young Marxians, quite certain of their own virtue, became far worse human beings than their enemies.

Why bother putting in massive effort to change societies when those efforts will produce rotten results? Political ideologies should be means to more important ends, not ends in themselves.

Jared Taylor and others in similar situations realize that slurs they use will be used against them several dozen fold.

Yes, it stinks to hell that establishments can dominate the world with abusive ad hominem attacks and other fallacious rhetoric while pretending to be paragons of centrism and respectability. It's infuriating that the mass media almost never calls non-multiculturalists anything but slurs, almost never calls outsiders the terms outsiders call themselves, almost never permits outsider arguments to appear in the mass media. It's grossly unfair that those with power use despicable tactics to punch down at those with little power while being rewarded for doing so.

Ecumenical rhetoric with establishments is not a good idea, except ecumenical rhetoric that permits secessions and other separations. Establishments are devoted to rent seeking and to our destruction. Such ecumenical rhetoric doesn't change establishments. It changes outsiders from feeling bad about mass destruction to feeling good about mass destruction. Outsiders sell out. What have ordinary Christians gained from Christian leaders' ecumenicalism with Muslims? Massive harms. Polls and other evidence suggest most Muslims still believe that infidels, apostates, blasphemers, and females accused of adultery should all be murdered. Groups practicing endogamy and totalitarian ideologies seldom give up their fanaticism.

What are the Rovian and cultural Marxism playbooks? One tactic is calling others what they call you. "I know you are but what am I." It's a fallacious, but it works on adults and children alike. Enron ally Bush attacked Democrats for Enron ties. When called a B-word, they call others a super B-word or worse slur.

Rove attacked alleged strengths. George W. Bush, of AWOL fame, was able to hammer John Kerry's far greater military accomplishments. Marxian regimes, in all their hellish glory, continually attacked Westerners on civil rights issues. They still do.

Rove's tactics worked because the neoconservative media machine aided him at almost every step. And because neoconservatives don't care about evidence, so even the most blatant fallacies were and are ignored.

Over-the-top slurs such as the C-word do not work, nor do other slurs that the mass media will not print.

More promising are some tactics from the so-called civil rights era. It would be great to see Rotherham victims and allies marching outside the establishment occupied buildings with "I Am Human" placards, daring the police to arrest them for thought crimes. A "Letter from a Rotherham jail" would be superb. Establishments would reply to the letter with their usual demonizations tactics, but all it takes is a few media moguls to face some facts.

The Bundy occupiers in Oregon failed spectacularly because:
  1. they were armed and used the threat of violence not for self-defense.
  2. they occupied a building.
  3. they did not look downtrodden. They needed to be poor and look like dust bowl survivors.
  4. they had few likely allies. They believed in Randism mixed with cultural Marxism, comparing themselves to Rosa Parks. Few outsiders look kindly at such beliefs and insiders reflexively oppose almost any opposition. The alternative right ignored them. They opposed the results of establishment Randism, militarism, and cultural Marxism with their own versions of the same three evils. They tried to play the establishment's game with millions of times less power.
Some might argue that it is worthless to point out thousands of contradictions to devoted establishment believers when devoted establishment believers act as if self-contradictions were nothing important or a good thing. "I'm so random." Whee!

But we are seldom trying to win over the devoted believers, we are trying to convert the victims of globalism, militarism, multiculturalism, neoclassical economics, and other establishment totalitarianisms. Individuals become astonishingly open to change when their hedonistic lifestyles take a hit.

We live in a uniquely desultory period. There are no easy, accurate, and guaranteed maps to get out of this mess. Beyond making well-reasoned arguments, there are multitudes of rhetorical tips here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.  Here. HereHere. Some of them more dubious than not.

Establishments persuade many by attacking opponents for alleged "extremism."

Alternative beliefs are increasing but so are beliefs in establishment totalitarianisms. Ordinary whites lack self-respect and have even less respect for other whites. Wealthy whites compete in conspicuous xenocentrism competitions, to see who can be the most anti-white. The self-degradation is astronomical.

Establishments focus on bogeymen. Our job is to focus on fighting wrongs using peaceful means.

Leave the aggression to the establishments. Avoid letting fallacious rhetoric dominate over well-reasoned rhetoric.

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