Monday, February 22, 2016

The Demonization of Eugenics

For those who demonize eugenics with ad hominem attacks or fallacious appeals to tradition regarding Nazism: Why the inconsistency?

Why not demonize the thousands of other sciences and technologies practiced by Nazism? No more physics, chemistry, medicine, agriculture, and so on. Why not demonize the Islam, atheism, occultism, Lutheranism, and Catholicism practiced by Hitler's supporters?

And don't say it is because eugenics is evil and the others good.

Eugenics is beneficial. Otherwise no ethical humans or other animals would have evolved. An earth with only single celled organisms would be a worse place, as would an earth filled with ISIS supporters.

Hitler didn't practice eugenics. Hitler's allies practiced dysgenics, murdering individuals smarter and more ethical than themselves.

Many other fields produce numerous benefits but overall worse consequences than eugenics.

Physics brought us nuclear weapons. Biology brings bioweapons. Automotive and petroleum technologies cause evils of sprawl, OPEC, diversity, lung cancer, corruption, collision deaths, and jihad funding. Electronics technology helps indoctrinate billions with Islam, Randism, Marxism, Nazism, neoconservatism, multiculturalism, and third wayism.

Islam spread the hyper tribalism of Arabia to hundreds of countries.

Demonize dysgenics instead. Should we believe it better for individuals devoted to rent seeking, often with justified criminal convictions, to outbreed ethical citizens? We shouldn't help those with genes for aggression breed with gusto, yet we do.

Do liberal opponents of "idiocracy" not realize they're criticizing dysgenics and providing de facto support for eugenics?

Is cowardice so great they can't bring themselves to believe ethical facts that establishments oppose, even when there is little cost and many potential benefits? What will the establishments do? Hunt us down because we read about eugenics on the internet? Establishments have plenty of more self-interested reasons for wanting to crush us. We can keep eugenics beliefs to ourselves if necessary. We can also politely argue with acquaintances and their fanaticism about eugenics. Acquaintances may dump you, but big deal. Do you want to be acquainted with those who will not face easy facts?

Multitudes of individuals have been assaulted or murdered for telling the truth to multiculturalists or their Muslim pals, but has anyone been assaulted or murdered in the West merely for having eugenic beliefs?

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