Saturday, February 20, 2016

Principles of Democracy

At a minimum, a democratic country must contain all of the following:
  1. a self-determined group of individuals with each individual member capable of roughly equal voting influence via direct vote or party list proportional representation or both.
  2. roughly equal meritocratic opportunity for individuals to have well-reasoned media influence.
  3. swift, severe, highly probable punishment for both illegal and legalized bribery.
  4. no media ownership by non-citizens or pseudo citizens.
  5. speech freedoms for all political speech by all citizens.
  6. mass media forced to act in the public interest of citizens.
  7. eugenic policies for IQ and character since non-eugenic policies will destroy the democracy and the people.
  8. freedom for splinter groups to secede when the above conditions, especially freedom of association, are not met.
The former United States is not democratic, and no current Western land is adequately democratic, no matter how often establishments use democracy as a buzzword to cover their evils, though Iceland shows democratic tendencies in fighting the financial industry.

The United States had a few democratic traits during the 1940s through the 1960s when minor checks on establishment power existed,

mostly via private sector labor unions. Unfortunately, unions are now increasingly public sector, adding to corruption and anti-democratic tendencies.

Studies comparing democratic versus other governmental systems are junk science since no nation states in history has been adequately democratic.

No form of governance is an end in itself. All governments should exist to serve the citizens.

Why democracy?

Almost everyone in Western ruling groups is devoted to militarism, cultural Marxism, and neoclassical economics, including almost all the descendents of Western monarchs and other autocrats. In other words: official myths. Overwhelmingly, the people, despite massive indoctrination in militarism, cultural Marxism, and neoclassical economics, represent the opposition to those evils.

Elite rule will be worse since elites devote themselves to psychological egoism, at the expense of the people, for both genetic, cultural and other environmental reasons, no matter whether the the elites create hereditary autocracies, other autocracies or the currently common kleptocracies. Power corrupts. Elites use bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw policies.

For most of the past millennia, these non-democratic policies consisted of various combinations of Randism, slavery, dysgenics, extortion, austerity, polygamy, neoconservatism, debt peonage, sweat shops, tenant farming, paleo-Marxism, third wayism, caste systems, cultural Marxism, excessive usury, and various other forms of militarism, multiculturalism and redistribution to the top.

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