Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When Establishments Collide, Collude or Divide

One nasty side effect Western institutions colonization by free riding is that many plausible reformers are demoralized or have little interest in participating in those institutions. For ruling groups, this is a bonus, assortative mating in ruling class occupations, rent seeking teamwork. The road to ruin is long, the roads to reforms even longer.

The political realignments of the past 60 years played a major role in wrecking the West. Almost all political power was co-opted for the ruling groups.

No matter which groups win the upcoming Supreme Court nomination battles, non-wealthy Westerners will be the losers. The battles will be between multicultural third wayers and multicultural neoconservatives, who have more in common than most voters realize. Citizens will be baited into picking an establishment side. The fights will be distractions from important issues. No matter which sides win, various competing parties will end up aggrieved and highly motivated to cause more revenge ruin, that is, more neoconservatism, third wayism, and cultural Marxism, with both sides claiming they had no choice but to fight fire with fire.

It seems as if some establishment Republicans have realigned so far that they care more about cultural Marxism than redistributing income to their allies, as if they'd prefer Bernie Sanders over your neighborhood ethnoracial fact facer, perhaps because Sanders is little threat to their power. Sanders cannot accomplish much against courts and Congress filled with Republicans and Third Way Democrats. But the alternative right poses the threat of re-realigning the Republican Party. Establishment Republicans would rather risk the destruction of the West than lose the financial support of multicultural evangelicals and other multicultural conservatives.

The media treat the word indoctrination as if it were a taboo word, as if it were something that happens with only old timey totalitarianism.

But let's be honest, almost all of us have had thousands of fallacious ideas rattling around in our brains at one on time or another. And we didn't get those ideas by under rocks. We got them from peers, politicians, celebrities, and other influential individuals with help from our genes. At one time, those ideas sounded good to us. We were fooled by the persuasiveness of arguments rather than the well-reasonedness of arguments.

Most of those ideas came from the mass media, the same mass media that almost never delivers well-reasoned arguments. In other words, we were indoctrinated.

When visiting mass media sites, it almost seems as if parrots have been genetically engineered to type.

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