Friday, May 1, 2015

Libertarian Friends

 If you support economic libertarianism and claim to support civil liberties, you don't support civil liberties.


Present policies in formerly Western countries are a result of the combination of economic libertarianism and cultural Marxism. Legalized bribery, which libertarianism vehemently supports, creates conflicts, destruction, ethnoracial diversity, divide-and-rule practices, and rulers hostile toward the individuals they rule over.

Rulers who despise the individuals they rule over have no qualms about destroying civil liberties.

Research indicates that nonwealthy Westerners have almost no say in public policies and that the rulers do what the wealthy prefer. The wealthy overwhelmingly support economic libertarianism, cultural Marxism, and severe restrictions on the liberties of nonwealthy individuals.

Just because the result of libertarianism in practice do not resemble the imaginary results of libertarianism in texts does not change the facts about libertarianism in practice.

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