Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hence the Some Animals Being More Equal Than Others Aphorism

The rough hierarchy of humans that cultural Marxism practices (so-called egalitarianism):
1. Sunni Gulf State men
2. wealthy secular and slightly religious Jews
3. blacks in the West
4. other Muslim males
5. Muslim females
6. other nonwhites in the West
7. light skinned Hispanics
8. wealthy white supporters of cultural Marxism
9. LBGTs in the West
10. nonwhites living outside the West
11. most other multicultural whites
12. very, very religious Jews
13. Southern whites and Evangelical, multicultural whites
14. minorities in Muslim countries (gays, Yezidis, Mandeans, Christians, Atheists, mixed race children kidnapped by their Arab Muslim fathers)
15. individuals who contradict the official myths of cultural Marxism (Jayman, John Glad, Thomas Jackson, James Kirkpatrick, JP Rushton, Jared Taylor)
16. whites in rape slavery (Rotherhams), multiracial prisons, multiracial public schools, and non-Western countries (Zimbabwe, South Africa)

Individuals in groups 11 through 16 are subhumanized by major institutions, fit for cultural, biological, and individual extermination. Non-whites, when facing aggression by blacks or Muslims, also become subhumanized.

Why are Sunni Gulf State men at the top? Note how working class whites were forced to make great sacrifices to fight, Sadam Hussein, the enemy of the Gulf States while the Gulf States barely did anything, except to bribe Western leaders. Notice how the OPEC cartel has been tolerated and supported with umpteen trillion dollars of unearned income. Look at how the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on jihad by Gulf States gets white washed by multicultural Western leaders. Thousands of libraries in the West subscribe to Aramco World, a propaganda magazine from Saudi Arabia, a state responsible for mass evils. Most Westerners barely raise an eyebrow at the sight of Aramco World in their local library. Now imagine if an sugary, imaginary North Korea World were displayed at local libraries.

Why the difference? Because Westerners have been propagandized into the falsehood that Saudi Arabia is "moderate" and our "ally."

Oddly, egalitarians do practice at least one equality: roughly equal, race blind opposition to ethnoracial realists. Thus, Jayman is eligible to be hated by them as much as the white JP Rushton. Even Thomas Sowell is despised despite being more of an assimilationer than an ethnoracial realist. Small deviations from cultural Marxism, no matter your race, are enough to get you equally demonized.

Note how the mass media bashes "ultraorthodox" Jews but avoids criticizing secular or slightly religious Jews as a group despite the fact that the latter groups cause dozens of times more harm in Hollywood, academia, Wall Street, and government. Supposedly, this is to avoid inciting violence, but then why criticize ultraorthodox Jews, who are easy targets of violence because of their fashions?

And why do major institutions try to incite violence against nonwealthy whites?

Note how blacks angry at whites get worshiped by Western institutions and often incited to violence, as if black anger at whites is a sign of well-reasonedness. But blacks angry at Wall Street get ignored or demonized.

Notice how Western countries keep Zimbabwe's whites from immigrating, though they are at risk of genocide in Zimbabwe, despite the fact that they would be beneficial citizens. Yet Western multiculturalists pursue open borders to import Muslims and other peoples who cause mass destruction.

Even if someone is illogical enough to believe in ontological guilt, contradictions exist. Scandinavians, Eastern Europeans and other Europeans whose white ancestors never owned a nonwhite slave are considered guilty and inferior to billions of nonwhites whose ancestors owned multitudes of white and nonwhite slaves. The descendants of the Conquistadors get to play the victim of the descendants of Latvians, as do Arabs whose ancestors owned millions of white slaves.

Multicultural purity is little defense for whites. Nor does multiculturalism protect white, multicultural Evangelical Christians. Evangelicals thinks they earn brownie points for supporting multiculturalism but most multiculturalists nevertheless despise them, no matter how great the evangelical kowtowing. The multicultural, antiwhite Westboro Baptist Church is reviled by the leadership of cultural Marxism and serves as a convenient straw person and small sample fallacy for multiculturalists unaware that the Westboro Baptist Church also supports cultural Marxism.

The mass media will frequently slur the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese in Asia as r*cist but will not dare call Northeast Asians in the West r*cist. Multiculturalists support the demographic invasion of Northeast Asia by blacks and Muslims, so that the divide-and-rule parasitism of multiculturalism can spread.

European (Ashkenazi) Jews are mixed race, roughly 45 percent Arab and 55 percent white.

The hierarchy varies among variants of cultural Marxism. For example, some multicultural neoconservatives put Jews first, other nonwhite non-Muslims second, Muslims third, and whites at the bottom. Other nonwhites put their own groups at the top. Some Muslim multiculturalists put gays at the bottom.

Moral character almost never matters to supporters of cultural Marxism. The leaders of Southwest Persian Gulf states are fawned over despite horrific behavior. Establishments seek to label almost any nonwhite, non-Christian a moderate as long as they support cultural Marxism. The Muslim majority, who supports the murder of infidels, apostates, heretics, blasphemers, and female adulterers, are labeled moderates. The liberals and neodemocrats at the New York Times tolerate David Brooks despite the difficulty of thinking of a single issue Brooks has ever been right about. All that matters is Brooks' support for multiculturalism. The same goes for Karl Rove, David Axelrod, and Grover Norquist.

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