Friday, May 8, 2015

Reader Question

Which multicultural contradiction below is the most despicable?

1. Multiculturalists claiming to promote tolerance while practicing massive intolerance.
2. Wealthy multiculturalists avoiding multiculturalism while using totalitarian force to impose it on non-wealthy individuals.
3. Wealthy multiculturalists pretending their political support for multiculturalism makes them morally superior while sacrificing nothing themselves, while creating massive costs for nonwealthy individuals.
4. Multiculturalists demanding open borders for white countries while encouraging or tolerating closed borders for nonwhite countries, including wealthy nonwhite countries.
5. Multiculturalists claiming to be promote equality while practicing anti-equality Randism, globalism, neoconservatism, third wayism, Islamic supremacism, anti-white supremacism, black supremacism, and cultural Marxism.
6. Multiculturalists demonizing eugenics as inherently harmful while supporting dysgenics, the latter causing far more harm.
7. Multiculturalists pretending to be scientific and enlightened thinkers while fanatically ignoring and suppressing  overwhelming counter evidence.
8. Multiculturalists demanding social and criminal punishments for moral fact facing, sometimes called "hate" speech, while spewing and funding billions of venomous slurs against whites, without demanding punishments for themselves.

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