Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wealthy and Nonwealthy Multiculturalists

A CNBC Millionaire Survey of 500 wealthy individuals, nearly all of whom are multiculturalists, indicates that 71 percent prefer Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or Scott Walker for president.

All four of these establishment candidates support triple totalitarianism (militarism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism).

On multicultural issues, wealthy multiculturalists prioritize support for legalized nonwhite invasions, which benefit wealthy individuals through cheaper labor. The two most important Congressional issues to these wealthy indivduals were "Corporate tax reform" (24 percent) and "immigration reform" (22 percent) meaning increasingly open borders.

The remaining 29 percent of wealthy individuals almost certainly support other candidates devoted to triple totalitarianism or other forms of totalitarianism.

Consumers of mass media demagoguery might assume policing is the most important issue for blacks.

But according to U.S. Census Polling of blacks in Maryland, the two most important issues to Maryland blacks, most of whom are multiculturalists and nonwealthy, are public education (30 percent) and jobs (26 percent). Immigration comes in at five percent, with many blacks likely opposing "reform."

Policing fits in "other issues" at only ten percent.

Seventy-five percent of Hispanics prefer a candidate for Congress devoted to "raising taxes on people earning more than one million dollars a year to help balance the budget and create jobs.”

Wealthy multiculturalists work to have wealth redistributed to themselves, with much of the remainder allocated according to ethnoracial spoils systems.

But wealthy multicultural support for nonwhites does not and will not keep pace with nonwhite demands, birthrates, and invasion rates. Trillions of additional dollars would need to be squeezed out of wealthy multiculturalists or nonwealthy whites. Squeezing umpteen trillion more out of nonwealthy whites might lead to open revolt against the stealth jihads and mass nonwhite migration.

Police issues are probably more important to blacks now than when the census was taken.

Blacks want a severe reduction in black killings by police. But white police killings of blacks will not plummet unless white police officers are fired or disarmed or the white race is eliminated. Better training, while beneficial, will not cause massive changes. Many applicants for police forces have a strong power drive and predispositions toward violence, a self-selection effect.

Individuals with wimpish inclinations seldom become cops.

Despite the antiwhite crusade in the mass media, police are less likely to shoot black suspects than white suspects.

When wealthy multiculturalists imagine racism, they picture poor whites in the Ozarks, who somehow magically manage to oppress blacks despite lacking power. Blacks picture racism coming from wealthy white multiculturalists—the Bush clan, for example. The Bushes cannot fathom why blacks would consider them racially unethical. George W. Bush seemed stung that he was considered anti-black during the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. The Bushes view themselves as part Hispanic.The Bushes support globalism, mass invasions, stealth jihads, massive trade deficits, OPEC cartels, worldwide legalized bribery and many more multicultural projects. In the Bushian view, what more could any multiculturalist want?

Far more.

Neither whites nor nonwhites are genetically and culturally predisposed toward moral universalism. Contemporary multicultural whites prefer xenocentrism while nonwhites prefer ethnocentrism.

Any black man killed while attacking a white police officer matters far more to blacks than millions of whites assaulted by blacks.

It doesn't matter how many trillion has already bent on Medicare, affirmative action, and other multicultural economic policies. Nonwhites work to be treated as the master subspecies and to have their cultures treated as master cultures.

Expect a regular series of Trayvons and Fergusons. The media and wealthy multiculturalists profit from such events. The media specializes in straw person claims, abusive ad hominem attacks, and small sample fallacies. Do not expect wealthy multiculturalists to fire themselves or to hand over their own wealth to nonwhites.

Cops are just one more white scapegoat to distract attention from wealthy multiculturalists.

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