Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Genes and Parents

Genetic engineering of humans is here (maybe).

By imagining the world through the eyes of parents, given the present genetic and environmental influences on parents, you can come up with a probable list of traits parents will select for in coming decades (not in order of importance):

1. IQ and creativity
2. beauty
3. height
4. fast twitch muscles (sports)
5. absence of illnesses
6. strength
7. vocal and other artistic talents
8. lighter female skin in countries where whitening creams are big sellers
9. darker male skin
10. maleness
11. obedience of parents
12. altruism toward kin, especially parents
13. rent seeking toward non-kin
14. religious devotion (for religious parents)
15. arbitrary traits parents prefer as part of their cultures and personal identities
16. darker skin in countries dominated by affirmative action and antiwhite supremacism, especially the West

Many genetically engineered children will have ethically dysgenic traits. Traits 10 through 16 have great potentials for evil, yet billions of parents will prefer them. Multiculturalists, of course, will screech about any children engineered to have blue eyes and blonde hair, making fallacious references to Nazism, while ignoring 10 through 16. (Never mind that Nazism was dysgenic, not eugenic.)

Note that ethical character is nowhere on the above list list. Ethical goodness does not help parents or children in contemporary societies. No powerful individuals in the West have good moral character. It is difficult to succeed with good character. Imagine being a person of good character in 2060, telling gangs of multiculturalists their arguments are despicable and poorly reasoned.


Life, career or other goods vaporized.

Also note that contemporary societies are already increasingly dysgenic for ethical character, even without genetic engineering. Islam, Randism, globalism, neoconservatism, multiculturalism and other ideologies increase dysgenic breeding (gene, culture co-evolution).

A few Bohemian types will select for hip traits, for example, purple hair and designs on ears. Some free thinkers will choose avoidance of religion. A few semi-enlightened parents might select for decision making and avoidance of sports, drinking, gambling, and passive entertainment.

It's difficult to determine whether genetic engineering will bring overall benefits. Modified crops are a benefit. But bioweapons rank among the worst threats.

Nonwealthy whites devoted to xenocentrism (most contemporary whites) will disappear, simply because such whites have few children. The few children they have get exploited or destroyed by nonwhites and the super rich. Such individuals may take the entire white race down with them, all the more reason for ethical whites to start seceding from contemporary societies.

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