Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poorly Reasoned Argument of the Hour

Victoria Chan excoriates whites for "casual racism," a few small sample fallacies of "microagressions."

The horror.

"These days, it's so taboo to call someone racist that most people get defensive when confronted over it and accuse the person complaining of hypersensitivity or lacking in humor."


Google returns this many results for the r-word in the past day.

Ms. Chan is deeply offended by slightly insensitive stereotypes. But thinks it is ethically acceptable to call whites super slurs such as the r-word. She even imagines doing so is somehow taboo, even as the mass media constantly calls whites super slurs.

Ms. Chan  blasts whites who make mild stereotypes while she makes far worse stereotypes of whites, a pile of self-contradictions.

The rest of her article contains no relevant evidence.

Why bother with Ms. Chan's article? Multiculturalists spew millions of worse arguments every month. Because naive whites and multicultural whites, prone to xenocentrism, get fooled by such rhetorical tricks. It is one thing for multicultural whites to choose self-destruction for themselves, but far more evil for wealthy, multicultural whites to create diverse hells for nonwealthy whites while isolating themselves in wealthy neighborhoods and institutions.
Whites must not allow themselves to be browbeaten by poorly reasoned rubbish.

Whites really, really must separate themselves from nonwhites. Most nonwhites and multicultural whites are simply incapable of or unwilling to engage in ethical multicultural living.

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