Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Patriotism and Triple Totalitarianism

In today's Russia, nationalism is supposedly the problem. But the largest problem is what I call triple totalitarianism. Triple totalitarianism combines militarism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism, using bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw tactics to increase the global power of ruling groups.

Yeah, that's a mouthful.

Roughly speaking, you could say triple totalitarianism combines globalism with psychological egoism.

The ruling groups in China, Russia, and the West are all devoted to competing versions of triple totalitarianism. Putin and his friends think more power should belong to themselves. Chinese leaders likewise support themselves. And Western leaders believe wealthy individuals, who agree to a few rules, should be permitted to bribe their way to more power. In the West, we have two major competing forms of triple totalitarianism: neoconservatism and the third wayism of democrats and similar groups.

Western rulers think their their triple totalitarianism is egalitarianism and moral universalism, but their egalitarianism primarily consists of equality of legalized bribing opportunity for super rich individuals. Chinese and Russian leaders likewise think their beliefs are superior, which leads to disastrous consequences for all peoples of Northern Eurasian descent.

Our rulers excoriate patriotism while posing as if they were patriots. When aggression occurs, academics especially, start blaming the word nationalism. Like the late Larry Speakes, they act as if relentlessly repeating a claim makes the claim true.

But a little nationalistic sounding rhetoric doesn't make one a patriot any more than the populist rhetoric of third way democrats makes them populists.

To be a member of a belief system, you can't practice something completely at odds with those beliefs. Capitalists don't support state control of all economic activity. Followers of Marx don't support equality for whites and freedom of association for whites.

Patriots and nationalists do not support migration into their lands by ethnoracial outgroups. And they do not allow minorities devoted to rent seeking to outbreed the national majority. If you support those things, you are in no way shape or form a nationalist.

The world's number one destination for migrant groups devoted to rent seeking is the former United States. The second largest destination is Russia.


Don't be. Putin permits millions of Muslims to migrate into his lands, so he can engage in divide-and-screw activities. And, of course, the Muslims outbreed the native Russians.

In China, migration keeps increasing. The famous one-child policy applied to the Han majority. Minorities, including Muslim Uighers, were and are permitted large families.

What flaws existed with patriotism in some Western countries, Westerners fixed  after 1945. The fake patriotism of triple totalitarianism caused unjust conflicts in recent decades.

When a Bush or Putin engages in aggression, they do it on behalf of competing global cronyisms.

Sheldon Adelson and the King of Saudi Arabia have more say over Western policies then millions of working class natives. In fact, research indicates that when the policy preferences of nonwealthy Americans differ from the rich, nonwealthy preferences almost never become law. Thanks to dysgenic breeding and ruling group control of schools, mass media, and other institutions, most nonwealthy Westerners are simply indoctrinated into believing triple totalitarianism.

Everyone of Northern Eurasian descent must understand that their leaders are guilty of moral treason. We must realize that calls for militarism are on behalf of ruling group power and triple totalitarianism, not patriotism. We must not send relatives and neighbors to their deaths on behalf of rulers' egoisms, no matter how sneaky the propaganda. We must encourage defacto secessions and prevent fake patriotism from becoming the norm.

The alternative is self and mutual annihilation.

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