Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fake Centrism

In contemporary empires, the self-styled centrists and moderates rank among the worst human beings, individuals such as Jonathan Alter, David Brooks, Hillary Clinton, Ben Wattenberg, John Kerry, Rand Paul, Tom Friedman, Joe Lieberman, Tyler Cowen, Olympia Snow, Paul Ryan, Harry Reid, Charles Krauthammer.

If you made a list of the most important 100 policy issues, the individuals who try to position themselves as centrists are right or close to right on probably less than five percent of them. And by right, I mean their actual policy positions and the long-term consequences of those policies, not policies they pretend to support for grandstanding reasons. For example, someone who claims to support punishing Wall Street crimes, but supports legalized bribery, does not support punishing Wall Street crimes. Wall Street bribes their way out of punishments when Wall Street is able.

A goal of the democratic and republican establishments is to indoctrinate the population with the view that their corrupt behaviors are centrist and moderate, then trying to tar every else as some form of fascism or communism.

If Ferdinand Pecora and Dwight Eisenhower were around today, they would both be demonized as too far out.

Some might tell me to look at the Barack Obama campaign promises kept website and the goodness of those promises kept. I have. Few of Obama's worthwhile promises kept would make the 1000 most important issues. And Obama is wrong on some of those promises kept. That is a major problem with pretend centrism. They are bribed on all the important issues. They trumpet trivial reforms, where no major interest groups exist to bribe them. When Bush and Obama both created large Pacific ocean nature preserves, there were no billionaires with much interest in the issue. If some individual or industry were earning several billion per year overfishing those areas, those preserves would not have happened.

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