Wednesday, December 21, 2016

IQ Paradoxes in Warped Cultures

Individuals with extra low IQs receive compassion, protected by paternalism from states and families, for example, victims of Down Syndrome. But, oddly, individuals with IQs somewhat above that receive unmitigated contempt, especially if white, as if they were escapees from the set of Deliverance. The latter groups are sometimes worse off than the former, having few individuals to look out for them, often having severe behavioral problems. In both cases, they suffer from genes and environments they have little control over.

Yet establishment leaders keep working to make dysgenics and environments worse.

Hard working overachievers also face unexpected problems. They may choose a career beyond their IQ capabilities or other capabilities. Thanks to grade inflation and the college for everyone dogma, many ex-students end up fired or unhired, burdened by unused degrees and miseducation debt peonage. A would be scientist, for example, could find and mechanically memorize solutions to three dimensional wave equations (the internet contains many solutions manuals) while having little understanding of three dimensional wave equations. Despite the explosion in staff and costs, few individuals at colleges care about about the long-term interests of students. I don't know which is worse: administrators financially taking advantage of naive 18-year-olds or educators believing that almost any formal education is good education, especially non-vocational formal educations.

Some students may think their six figure educations are a ticket to the middle class, only to be undone in unexpected ways, being unattractive or performing poorly during job interviews, for example.

The pro-austerity, pro-parasitism, and pro-cultural Marxism policies of Republicans and Democrats add to the carnage

Students would often be better off performing an internship or apprenticeship before spending massive sums on careers they end up hating or failing to find employment in.

No one will sit down with students and say, "I love you, sister, but this career is beyond your capabilities to perform well. It's not a good fit for you." Instead, people tell students to follow their dreams and you can be good at anything if you work hard enough at it, then telling students if you're not good at it, you must work harder.

The brain regions responsible for scam skepticism deteriorate in elderly individuals, yet few powerful individuals do anything to prevent rampant scamming, leaving many elderly citizens destitute. Instead, leaders promote the scams.

Environmental semi-determinism and free will exaggerations rank highly among the causes. Maybe humans are capable of free will, but if so, humans do so on rare occasions. Most daily actions are driven by habits and other intuitions, especially among lower IQ individuals. Many individuals who fanatically dismiss genetic causes in the social world, nevertheless accept genetic facts when diagnosed with a genetically caused physical illness, that is, when their own health is at stake.

The future will be neither ethically easy nor pretty.

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