Saturday, December 3, 2016


So we are urged to boycott Kellogg's now on behalf of Breitbart. And what will Breitbart do for us? Would it be too much to ask for Breitbart to actually support white self-determination more than the Republican establishment and various minor issues?

In general, we should boycott most global, multicultural corporations. Avoid the mass media, especially if you have a Nielsen meter. If there is a show you can't bear avoiding, leave the meter in its charging cradle while you watch it in another room. Television ad revenue in the former US is $73 billion in 2016. There are about 70,000 active Nielsen meters, so each meter carried by a boycotter can subtract a huge chunk of money from the mass media. And that's not including radio. When my wife and I did the Nielsen ratings, we watched fewer than one show per month. (I did watch part of a PBS show about logic. Not surprisingly, the show featured Boolean logic, which has little moral relevance, not informal logic.)

Buy more second hand and store brand stuff, though, unfortunately, some store brand stuff comes from global corporations. Many second hand goods are better quality than the new junk at the Walmarts of the world. Quality control at sweatshops seems to be plummeting in recent years.

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