Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Getting Serious About Defending Speech Freedoms

When multiculturalists and their allies demand ever increasing fines, firings, imprisonments, and other punishments for thought crimes, Westerners increasingly either agree with the totalitarianism or offer milquetoast defenses of free speech, often repeating the slurs spewed by the multiculturalists, as if to say, "I hate #@#$, too, but we have this free speech thing for the time being."

Instead, a more robust defense of free speech must be argued, explaining why free speech is crucial and why multiculturalism causes mass destruction to speech freedoms and ethical societies.

A you first reply should be adopted. Those who demand punishments for "hate speech" should be told they should fire or arrest themselves and their allies first before they fire or arrest anyone else. Most establishment thinkers have spewed multitudes of anti-white slurs (big*t, r*cist, far r*ght, white tr*sh, white suprem*cist, etc.) When such writers demand arrests for whites for telling ethnoracial truths, we should demand they make an citizen's arrest of themselves first for their far worse rhetoric.

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