Tuesday, November 29, 2016

They Called It Civic Nationalism

So-called civic nationalism is slower multiculturalism. Civic nationalism merely postpones the date the last white will take his or her last breath by a few decades, a way for establishments to prolong the grift and better manage the decline until they and their loved ones die of old age.

The phrase civic nationalism is euphemistic and inaccurate. At the very least a civic minded nationalism must:
  1. oppose almost all inward migration by racial outgroups.
  2. oppose ethnoracial based affirmative action and other advantage taking by outgroups.
  3. prevent racial ingroups from population declines.
  4. try to avoid self-destructive and mutually destructive military activities.
  5. prevent divide-and-screw oligarchism.
None of the above applies to Putin or anyone else commonly labeled a civic nationalist.

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