Saturday, April 1, 2017

Globalist Backed Saudi Arabia

Notice how often the media and others refer to Saudi Arabia as "U.S. backed," a whopping 427,000 Google results, yet another rhetorical guilt knife in our backs, as if we're mostly to blame for their centuries of Jihad, egoism, endogamy, and mass murder. The media don't write the more accurate "puppets of Saudi Arabia" or "globalist backed Saudi Arabia" or "multiculturalist backed Saudi Arabia" or "neoconservative backed Saudi Arabia" or "Colonial Occupation Force backed Saudi Arabia."

You can just imagine all the molecular machinery going nuts in humanitarian brains when they discovered the "U.S. backed" phrase. That's anti-white gold!

Saudi Arabia, despite the massive pro-Saudi propaganda coming from the ruling groups, has roughly a 30 percent favorable rating in the U.S. Saudi AramcoWorld seems to be in more libraries than almost any other print magazine. A mere Twenty percent of Canadians approve of their country's arms sales to Saudi Arabia. At least the Saudis have the Pakistanis. A staggering 95 percent of Pakistanis approve of the Saudis.

It is more accurate to describe our ruling groups as Saudi backed than to imply that real Americans back the Saudis. You have to respect the Saudi's evil brilliance. They go right to the top when they bribe. None of the just write random checks for treason crap that whites do. Prince Bandar bought Colin Powell a Jaguar. The Bushes frolicked with the King and did much worse. The Clinton Foundation received millions more.

What exactly can we do to stop the Saudis? Our rulers rule over the West as a colonial occupation force. They almost never do what the people want, and they won't abide our right to self-determination. Are the humanitarians implying that we should use violence to stop Saudi influence? Good luck with that against the global police states. If we actually did anything significant to stop Saudi influence, those same "humanitarians" would start screaming about racial and religious intolerance.

We don't need Saudi Arabia and we don't need their oil. The Saudis need infidel goods, money, and workers far more than we need their oil.

I sometimes read establishment message boards to see whether they have any good ideas and also to learn the current establishment zeitgeist. On one board, popular with lawyers and financiers, a wealthy lawyer posts hundreds, if not thousands, of humanitarian Yemen articles, complete with feigned conspicuous empathy. Not surprisingly, he was voted poster of the year. He seems to revel in "U.S backed" articles. To my knowledge, he has never posted a Saudis backed by Israel article or Saudis backed by Qatar article. And he never ever posts anything about about anti-white atrocities.

Because whites don't count as humans, you know.

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