Friday, April 21, 2017

The Never Ending "Scandal"

Donald Trump's Russian ties remained the top news story for most of the past five months. A recent study suggests that Rachel Maddow's show spends more time on "Russia focused segments" than everything else in the world combined.

Whatever happened to scandal fatigue?

Interest in ongoing scandals seems to increase when individuals are highly aroused, explaining why sex and violence scandals linger. In this case, the driving arousal is illogical hatred of Whites and the West. Multiculturalists can barely wait for the next juicy details, no matter how preposterous, leading to 52 percent of Democrats believing the evidence free baloney that Russia directly hacked the election.

And when the mass media repeat garbage often enough, most people believe it.

The left once again allowed itself to be used by neoconservatives, especially considering this "scandal" involves trying to improve relations with a power and paranoia driven nuclear giant. (We should not trust people who brag about being former Trotskyites. Once a person chooses an abysmal ideology they typically stick with it or replace it with another horrific ideology.)

The media act as if Russia influencing the kleptocratic process is worse than the risk of nuclear war. Never mind that establishment Democrats and Republicans have far worse entanglements with African, Hispanic, and Southwest Asian countries actively working to destroy us from within. (When the Soviet Union engaged in much worse meddling, the left seldom noticed. The reason the Soviet Union didn't need any U2 style spy planes flying over the U.S. was it had multitudes of agents and activists on the ground.)

The big scandal we should be focusing on is the role the media, business, and political establishments play in trying to incite World War III, especially with an erratic, easily manipulated president.

For more ethical individuals, that is, almost no one in the establishments, our focus should be on de-escalating tensions and seeking alliances with fellow whites. The establishments claim we can't get along with Russia because our "interests conflict" and because Russia is corrupt.

Well, guess what?

We have worse and bigger conflicting interests with dozens of corrupt countries, yet establishments coddle them and often take marching orders from them.

Every nation should have interests that sometimes conflict with other nations. Otherwise, you get cucked and steamrolled.

At one point, Trump should have said, "Yes, I conspired with Russians to avoid World War III. I'm sorry so many of you prefer World War III.'' Instead, Trump sold part of his soul to neoconservatives, for their money and faint praise. At least Trump still has Jeff Sessions.

The establishments may not meet the legal definition of treason, but they sure as hell meet the moral definition.

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