Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ways of War: Hidden Vulnerabilities

On the Credible Defense Subreddit, a thread covers how to take down America's nuclear aircraft carriers. Not surprisingly, voters decide that the most efficient method would be to destroy the carrier's supply chain.

Foreign leaders, especially Chinese leaders, almost certainly know this as well.

But the Reddit posters--devoted to militarism and cultural Marxism--do not mention the elephants in the room: race and cultural Marxism driven sabotage, espionage, and invasion by immigration. People of gravitas "know" that nonwhites do not do evil things and that the harmful things they do must somehow be the fault of whites, including acts by Northeast Asians.

Just like they imagine they know that Japanese settlers in the 1930s and 1940s were wonderful and innocent people. Never mind that almost none of the millions of World War II Japanese settlers living in Asia and the Western Pacific sided with the natives. And if Japan had been so powerful it could have easily conquered the West Coast, almost none of those freedom and democracy loving Japanese-Americans would have sided with the US. As it was, only a few percent of military age Japanese-Americans volunteered for the US military, partly to aid the Double Victory on behalf of anti-white supremacism. Prior to Pearl Harbor, Japanese-Americans sent millions of dollars for Japan's war efforts in China, including the brazen act of publicly sponsoring a war plane. Japan didn't even need to recruit Japanese-Americans for espionage. Japanese-American "civilians" volunteered themselves at no charge. Another 3,500 Japanese out of a small population of roughly 127,000 were specifically exported to the US to engage in espionage.

People of gravitas also "know" that Chinese, Vietnamese, and North Korean actions during the wars for full bore communism were not unethical and racially motivated against the "pigs," "imperialists," "long noses," and "hairy monkeys."

If you evince knowledge of nonwhite tribalism, behavioral genetics, and establishment unapproved history, that's a bannable offense on many Subreddits.

But the recognition of nonwhite perfidy does not mean we should endorse knee jerk militarism toward potential enemies. We should stick to our kind and we should encourage them to stick to their kind.

The minions of militarism pursue unwinnable wars against China and Russia, merely to continue the process of eliminating and replacing whites. What good would fighting China or Russia do when we are giving our countries away to far worse people?

A war against China or Russia is not our war.

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