Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blameworthiness and the Legacy of Slavery

Multiculturalists love the legacy of slavery causal explanation for African-American problems.


Because it cannot be undone. It implies that whites are permanently guilty and permanently liable, no matter the consequences. To them, it doesn't matter whether Whites have already given umpteen trillion in welfare, health care, affirmative action, and other benefits to African-Americans.

The word cause means to change the probability of a thing occurring. Bringing African slaves to the Western Hemisphere was a cause of what happens to African-Americans, just as millions of other causes were and are. Otherwise, there would be few, if any, African-Americans and few African-American events.

But the problem with overemphasizing these distant historical causes and harms are that a) the villains are dead, b) millions of distant historical causes exist, c) they lead to mutually destructive tit-for-tat conflicts, d) they de-emphasize policies that would make things better, e) they help ruling groups exploit us with divide-and-screw policies.

The English treated the Irish worse than they treated African-Americans. Would Ireland be a better place today if today's Irish spent massive energies denouncing the British and demanding reparations? I doubt it.

If Africans and African-Americans started pursuing a rigorous program of eugenics 100 years ago, life would be much better for them than chanting the legacy of slavery. But that didn't happen.

Robert Mugabe and his successors will still blame whites as they loot what little wealth Zimbabwe creates in the future.

Multitudes of events (bad luck, good luck, volcanic eruptions, comet collisions, manorial feudalism, random mutations, harmful policies, beneficial policies, the evolution of malaria, Middle Eastern religious texts, etc.) caused our present situations. We can't change that they happened. It would do whites no good to endlessly blame manorial feudalism for our present decline. Sure, we should note what manorial feudalism caused but not dwell on it.

Every racial group has suffered grievous harms from ethnoracial outgroups in prior centuries. Bantu tribes enslaved and wiped out multitudes of outgroups, including Bushmen and other hominids.

Despite establishment propaganda to the contrary, Southwest Asians and North Africans have caused massive harms to Europeans and black Africans for centuries, including slave taking that dwarfed the trans-Atlantic slave trade. But they seldom mention that legacy of slavery, a far more brutal death camp form of slavery. Or the slavery White establishments inflicted upon other Whites. Nevertheless, Whites shouldn't sit around demanding reparations from Arabs and other Southwest Asians.

We must focus on liberating our own lives and nations from every ingroup and outgroup that seeks to harm and destroy us.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Intolerable Tolerance

"People who believe political views have a biological basis are more intolerant, study finds"

So that explains why individuals who believe in environmental determinism committed the most political murders in the 20th century. Those were tolerant murders.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Street Protests and Organizing for Liberation

In 1941, African-Americans planned a protest to obtain more hiring quotas for African-Americans. This threat, according to the story, so unnerved Franklin Roosevelt that he required companies receiving government contracts to implement hiring quotas. (Maybe Roosevelt simply used the threat to implement quotas he already preferred.)

By the Nixon era, the ruling groups lost their fear of marches and learned to use protesters to their own advantage, infiltrating protests with false flag agents to make protesters look rotten.

Contemporary establishments often ignore protesters, except to the extent they can use protesters to aid what politicians seek. Thus, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and similar groups engaging in terrorism, often receive free passes simply because they do what the ruling groups want, that is, support anti-white totalitarianism, aiding the ruling groups' bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw goals. Anyone with their head at least part way out of their rear end knows that "activism" is a euphemism for cultural Marxian crypto totalitarianism, that we should be wary of almost anyone calling themselves an activist.

Multicultural tolerance is tolerance for increasing tyranny by their perceived allies. For them, few enemies exist to the multicultural direction. The intra-multicultural enemies that do exist arise during the ruthless competition for power, Stalin having Trotsky eliminated, for example.

Occupy Wall Street lasted long but accomplished almost nothing because ruling groups vehemently opposed Occupy Wall Street.

Almost any other group that sought to curtail ruling group parasitism by taking it to the streets also floundered. The concept of claiming to be right because you have a slogan bearing sign in your hands is anti-reason. The real solution to treasonous ruling groups is organization that reforms or secedes. And by organization, I mean such organization that dictates to political parties which ethical, reliable individuals are permissible candidates, not individuals devoted to disingenuous platitudes and back stabbing egoism. The problem is that (outside of multiculturalism, the media, K-Street, and similar groups) politically organizing contemporary whites is harder than organizing a bag of cats. Kevin MacDonald writes about the amazing political ability of whites to organize, but we seldom see it in contemporary whites. Sure, you can organize millions of whites to support one arbitrary sports team or another but that's pathetic.

Whites in Zimbabwe tolerated ever increasing hells without forming effective, organized resistance. South Africa has the inspiring small sample of Orania, but without greater outside organization, the long term future of Orania, a town surrounded by millions of hostile outgroup members, looks bleak.

Sometimes a "the worse, the better" strategy tempts us, and maybe life getting worse will spur reforms in some lands. But Zimbabwe, South Africa, and numerous white flight cities are cautionary tales that when things get worse, many contemporary whites hunker down, take a pill, and run out the clock on themselves and posterity.

What to do? Protests by nonmulticulturalists face false flag actions by both establishments and the cultural Marxism industry, especially hoax crimes. But other methods exist. We should use multiculturalists' own tactics against them, including many of the 198 nonviolent methods here. We can form communities like Orania in the West, but geographically linked and mutually supporting, despite whatever differences exist among nonmulticulturalists on less important issues.

Being hated for telling the moral truth should never distract us.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Globalist Backed Saudi Arabia

Notice how often the media and others refer to Saudi Arabia as "U.S. backed," a whopping 427,000 Google results, yet another rhetorical guilt knife in our backs, as if we're mostly to blame for their centuries of Jihad, egoism, endogamy, and mass murder. The media don't write the more accurate "puppets of Saudi Arabia" or "globalist backed Saudi Arabia" or "multiculturalist backed Saudi Arabia" or "neoconservative backed Saudi Arabia" or "Colonial Occupation Force backed Saudi Arabia."

You can just imagine all the molecular machinery going nuts in humanitarian brains when they discovered the "U.S. backed" phrase. That's anti-white gold!

Saudi Arabia, despite the massive pro-Saudi propaganda coming from the ruling groups, has roughly a 30 percent favorable rating in the U.S. Saudi AramcoWorld seems to be in more libraries than almost any other print magazine. A mere Twenty percent of Canadians approve of their country's arms sales to Saudi Arabia. At least the Saudis have the Pakistanis. A staggering 95 percent of Pakistanis approve of the Saudis.

It is more accurate to describe our ruling groups as Saudi backed than to imply that real Americans back the Saudis. You have to respect the Saudi's evil brilliance. They go right to the top when they bribe. None of the just write random checks for treason crap that whites do. Prince Bandar bought Colin Powell a Jaguar. The Bushes frolicked with the King and did much worse. The Clinton Foundation received millions more.

What exactly can we do to stop the Saudis? Our rulers rule over the West as a colonial occupation force. They almost never do what the people want, and they won't abide our right to self-determination. Are the humanitarians implying that we should use violence to stop Saudi influence? Good luck with that against the global police states. If we actually did anything significant to stop Saudi influence, those same "humanitarians" would start screaming about racial and religious intolerance.

We don't need Saudi Arabia and we don't need their oil. The Saudis need infidel goods, money, and workers far more than we need their oil.

I sometimes read establishment message boards to see whether they have any good ideas and also to learn the current establishment zeitgeist. On one board, popular with lawyers and financiers, a wealthy lawyer posts hundreds, if not thousands, of humanitarian Yemen articles, complete with feigned conspicuous empathy. Not surprisingly, he was voted poster of the year. He seems to revel in "U.S backed" articles. To my knowledge, he has never posted a Saudis backed by Israel article or Saudis backed by Qatar article. And he never ever posts anything about about anti-white atrocities.

Because whites don't count as humans, you know.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ways of War: Hidden Vulnerabilities

On the Credible Defense Subreddit, a thread covers how to take down America's nuclear aircraft carriers. Not surprisingly, voters decide that the most efficient method would be to destroy the carrier's supply chain.

Foreign leaders, especially Chinese leaders, almost certainly know this as well.

But the Reddit posters--devoted to militarism and cultural Marxism--do not mention the elephants in the room: race and cultural Marxism driven sabotage, espionage, and invasion by immigration. People of gravitas "know" that nonwhites do not do evil things and that the harmful things they do must somehow be the fault of whites, including acts by Northeast Asians.

Just like they imagine they know that Japanese settlers in the 1930s and 1940s were wonderful and innocent people. Never mind that almost none of the millions of World War II Japanese settlers living in Asia and the Western Pacific sided with the natives. And if Japan had been so powerful it could have easily conquered the West Coast, almost none of those freedom and democracy loving Japanese-Americans would have sided with the US. As it was, only a few percent of military age Japanese-Americans volunteered for the US military, partly to aid the Double Victory on behalf of anti-white supremacism. Prior to Pearl Harbor, Japanese-Americans sent millions of dollars for Japan's war efforts in China, including the brazen act of publicly sponsoring a war plane. Japan didn't even need to recruit Japanese-Americans for espionage. Japanese-American "civilians" volunteered themselves at no charge. Another 3,500 Japanese out of a small population of roughly 127,000 were specifically exported to the US to engage in espionage.

People of gravitas also "know" that Chinese, Vietnamese, and North Korean actions during the wars for full bore communism were not unethical and racially motivated against the "pigs," "imperialists," "long noses," and "hairy monkeys."

If you evince knowledge of nonwhite tribalism, behavioral genetics, and establishment unapproved history, that's a bannable offense on many Subreddits.

But the recognition of nonwhite perfidy does not mean we should endorse knee jerk militarism toward potential enemies. We should stick to our kind and we should encourage them to stick to their kind.

The minions of militarism pursue unwinnable wars against China and Russia, merely to continue the process of eliminating and replacing whites. What good would fighting China or Russia do when we are giving our countries away to far worse people?

A war against China or Russia is not our war.

Imagining Counter Evidence as Evidence

In the bizarro realm of multiculturalism, overwhelming evidence against multiculturalism supposedly counts as evidence for multiculturalism: racial diversity was an unmitigated long term disaster in every nation that practiced it? Oh, that means we need more multiculturalism to teach tolerance, though multiculturalists spend far more time teaching demagoguery than tolerance and their one-sided tolerance lectures are directed toward neutering their perceived enemies while emboldening the aggression of their perceived allies.

Consistency in Labeling

When a white nonmulticulturalist assaults or murders a nonwhite individual, he is immediately dubbed a white supremacist by the mass media. Given that almost every nonwhite adult believes in freedom of association their own preferred ethnoracial groups but not for whites, along with dozens of other contradiction filled anti-white beliefs, shouldn't almost every nonwhite adult who assaults or murders a white individual also be slurred as a supremacist by the mass media?

And nonwhites do a hell of a lot more stranger-on-stranger interracial aggression than whites do, not including the multitudes of uncounted interracial crimes in schools and prisons.

Of course, millions of peaceful nonmulticulturalists, who care about truth and ethics, also get slurred as supremacists. Yet billions of nonwhite adults, in all their anti-white glory, are not.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Into Arcadia

Or as David Brooks puts it (along with a bunch of false analogies):
I can’t figure out why so many Republicans prefer a dying white America to a place like, say, Houston.
One reason is rural people, cultures, and environments. Though attachments to people and place diminished for decades, many remain. It's thousands of shared stories that become parts of ethical narratives, a strange concept to some, whose idea of a narrative consists of anti-white fictions. It's thousands of regional recipes such as grandma's homemade bread, the best you ever tasted. A good recipe off the internet is just something that tastes good, not a part of you.

It's rituals. It's doing specific activities during certain calendar dates each year.

A tree in a contemporary city park is a random tree, often a semi-dwarf cut to look the same as its neighbors. A tree in the woods behind your home becomes the special place where you had your first kiss with your spouse. These sacred attachments cannot be adequately conveyed by the mediums of film and television, which often reduce rural life to satire or mawkishness.

Big cities can be decent or excellent places, as long as they are racially homogeneous. They can be places deserving of great attachment. But not now.

Even those who believe nurture assumptions, have an inkling that moving to a contemporary big city results in handing children over to ghetto and Hollywood cultures, leaving parents with teenagers who seem like hostile strangers in the nest.

Rural areas are not immune to these destructive cultures, but they are better.

Many whites do move, including high IQ whites, causing brain drain in rural areas. Attend rural advanced placement classes and you will hear big city and big college dreams. It's quite unfair for city dwellers to mock country folks for low intelligence when big cities poached millions of bright, rural graduates. Farm boys make especially good engineers.

When poorer, lower IQ individuals move to big cites, they often end up exchanging one low paying job for another in a higher cost of living area, including the costs of being surrounded by hostile individuals. Fifty years ago, working class individuals could walk off farms and into decent paying factory jobs, even when they were unskilled. Now, it's often better to make $7.50 per hour in a rural area than $10.50 per hour in the big city.

The often unmentioned big attraction of contemporary cities is massive opportunities for semi-anonymous philandering, avoiding walks of shame. It's much easier to be abusive toward someone you probably will never see again anywhere. But philandering is usually reserved for high status men and is always accompanied by lies to self and others--and I do mean always. In a few cases, it involves the raping and trafficking of runaways. In places like Rotherham, the drugging, raping, and trafficking happens to non-runaways, not far from home. If you are predisposed toward guilt and other ethical traits, such philandering holds little appeal.

The "respectable" mass media seldom talk about philandering and its consequences.

Instead, the mass media emphasize their cultural activities, often claiming there is little to do in rural areas. But if you have a low paying job, many big city cultural activities are off limits anyway. Most big city cultural activities are overrated hedonistic behaviors, propped up by pedantry and advertising. Someone once called Los Angeles, with some exaggeration, the world's biggest city with nothing to do. Paintings can be viewed in books and on the internet less expensively. And much contemporary art should be ignored.

For most people, outdoor activities are more ethically and personally rewarding than didactic cultural activities, which often involve destructive status competitions.

One purpose of agitprop is to make us alienated from sources of purpose, except cultural Marxism, making us willing to psychologically flee and fill voids with cultural Marxism's lies and "activism."

Small towns are often sources of petty and malicious gossip, but often the individual complaining about the gossip earned the gossip through their own actions.

Big city work places have their own social treachery. You have to keep your mouth shut while your coworkers spout their political narratives, lest you get fired by coworkers who have never honestly studied and weighed issues. And nothing is quite like the horrors of multicultural, big city schools for whites.

Even if co-workers cared about finding more of the whole truth, well-reasoned arguments seldom turn up on the first few pages of Google results.

Some urbanites create more purpose with gentrification, community gardens, and other activities, but the result is hollow and ephemeral, often childfree and philosophically sterile. Gentrified children end up in expensive private schools, which have problems with spoiled children. And gentrification makes neighborhood nonwhites livid when they see their property taxes rocketing upward.

Economists, of course, will rightly lecture rural areas about wasteful farm subsidies, but they usually avoid the non-tax entitlement ways governments redistribute far more to big cities, especially the free riding financial industry. The economic vibrancy of some big cities is not driven by nonwhite immigrants, It's driven by crooked redistributions. Working migrants move to big cities to provide services to the free riding individuals. Other non-working migrants join in the free riding.

The better economies in certain coastal and sunbelt cities aren't due to neutral policies. They're due to deliberate corruption favoring rent seeking industries in those cities.

Rural individuals often underestimate the costs of driving.
The risk of injury death — which counts both violent crime and accidents — is more than 20% higher in the countryside than it is in large urban areas.
Long distance driving also causes cardiovascular disease and large negative externalities. But many whites seem to loath cities so much that they work in cities but drive over 100 miles per day to make a home in the country.

Rural areas have drug problems but those addicted would probably be addicted in cities as well. Alone in a city is not where you want to be if you have self-control problems. Selection effects are a bigger problem than people realize. High functioning, eugenically bred individuals know better ways of responding to boredom than drugs.

Most of all, rural areas provide better protection from nuclear wars and other human inflicted catastrophes, the sorts of disasters the establishments and defense industries are right now prodding us into.

David Brooks, the self-anointed social science expert, will never ever move to Houston's vibrant neighborhoods. Instead, he noted this about his $120,000 cosmopolitan vacation:
But sometimes money allows you to see too many things, too quickly. Sometimes if you seize all the opportunities your money affords, you may end up skimming over life and nothing is deep enough to leave a mark.

Friday, March 3, 2017

We Live on a Creepy, Evil Planet

The reality of this planet is worse than almost any horror movie. Imagine describing this planet to an alien.

We are in yet another Thucydides Trap. Good people should be screaming and doing their best to get the hell out of it, yet humans keep letting ego driven salami slicers rise to the top.

The threats of nuclear weapons, biological weapons, rapidly evolving pathogens, and potential space based calamities hang over the planet with greater ominousness than a Sword of Damocles, yet the latest social media outrages are treated with more seriousness.

Biting and sucking creatures, plus the pathogens they carry, have killed billions. Viewing these creatures under a microscope gives us shivers. Gut bacteria influence actions in surprising ways. Other organisms completely take over their hosts. Geological hazards add to the carnage. On much of Earth surface, humans seldom survive without protective technologies, in particular, weapons, clothing, and housing.

At our planet, the worse a powerful race or ideology behaves, the more off limits to reform or criticism it is.

With the exception of the Dalai Lama, Frank Salter, and a handful of other thinkers, almost every nonwhite public figure believes in freedom of association for their own races but not for whites. Few seem to notice the contradiction and its monstrous implications.

History books regale us with the horrors of McCarthyism, which harmed a handful of Marxians--individuals and ideologies that were and are waging aggressive, unconventional warfare against us. These books fail to enlighten about the thousands of whites fired, fined, imprisoned or ostracized for thought crimes against cultural Marxism.

The most admired individuals exhibit extreme egoism or misplaced altruism or both.

Powerful individuals are treated as if they have gravitas due to halo effects, when in reality, they are more articulate than wise. This also applies to military leadership, yet polling suggests more public trust in the military than other institutions. Let's hope the poll respondents meant they lower ranking military personnel. The jargon and banalities, especially multicultural, coming from military officers is nearly as bad as what exists in journals of neo-pragmatism.

Multiculturalists tell us nonwhites will treat us fairly when we become minorities in our own countries, even though nonwhites don't treat us fairly now and have relentlessly abused other minorities throughout history.

Professional ironists inform us (without irony) that reality (meaning truth) has a liberal bias (though there are millions of mutually contradictory worldviews calling themselves liberal), a self-contradictory claim. The truth cannot have a bias.

Those with long formal educations spent small fortunes to learn millions of trivial facts but do not face facts on the most important issues. Instead, they succumb to social pressures, availability biases, and other reasoning mistakes. And they aren't even dimly aware how skewed their worldviews are. If you point out their lack of accuracy, you will be demonized for anti-intellectualism. Almost every politician, intellectual, and wealthy individual born in the 20th century believed in one or more totalitarian ideologies. Almost. Every. One.

Billions form their unethical views based on how those views affect their own status and wallets. Multicultural billionaires, who acquired their wealth via inheritance or unethical activities, are viewed as admirable philanthropists merely for donating a small portion of their ill-gotten wealth to (mostly) crooked charities.

The results of economic models that weigh a small number of one-sided factors are treated as iron laws.

It is considered offensive to tell low IQ, low character individuals to have fewer children, even wards of the state and wards of international charities. But it is cool to tell productive Westerners to stop having children on behalf of the planet. Let's get rid of the people who saved billions of lives with their altruism and scientific revolutions (sarcasm)! Dysgenic supremacism cannot continue forever. At some point, individuals will become so bad off they will no longer understand the simple, fatuous slogans of cultural Marxism, then they will start breeding for worthwhile traits or their groups will become extinct.

The ruling groups think its wrong to make the world better by spreading better genes, as if things will get better as genes gradually get worse, as if the right environmental schemes will make things better, even though they haven't yet figured out such a scheme and even though doing right things contradicts their own perceived self-interest. Nevertheless, they are very, very careful about not marrying someone with genes far beneath them.

Fathers are often stripped of their children without an ethical process of law or even due process of law.

These realities must not induce fatalism. There are good things on this planet. The fight for good things is a good in itself. J.K. Rowling now finds herself facing a petition to make her mansion a home to migrants. This is a good thing. Hammer their contradictions. If she decides to invite a small, unrepresentative sample of obsequious migrants into her home and pronounce it a success, excoriate her for using small, unrepresentative sampling.

There are worse things than being socially ostracized. Multiculturalists hate whites for existing and many other specious reasons. Groveling doesn't eliminate their misplaced hatreds. They need their hatreds to give their lives purpose, to increase social status for themselves. While their expertise at many professions is abysmal, multiculturalists are experts at exploiting the self-loathing of whites. I write this so that we will find warranted confidence, so that we will not be browbeaten by the tactics and technologies of mass manipulation.

Our rights and duties do not disappear because others behave poorly or cleverly.