Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Establishment Distraction Strategies Disaster

Establishment distraction strategies have three main attributes:

  1. demonizing perceived outgroup individuals as dangerous threats, while real enemies remain allies of the ruling groups (Saudi Arabia, for example).
  2. keeping well-reasoned opposition out of voter's and donor's minds.
  3. keeping the focus away from the establishment's own evils.

All of the above falls into the straw person category.

Expect mass denunciations of Trump's tweets for the next several years, including from neoconservatives, even as Trump surrounds himself with neoconservatives and implements neoconservative policies, especially regarding China, tax shifts, Wall Street, and our ersatz allies in the Middle East. The slightly more honest neoconservatives must be ecstatic. Trump surrounds himself with neoconservatives and does what they want, yet they chant that he's not one of them. The media blame for Trump falls on nonmulticulturalists, who get little in return for delivering the Oval Office to Trump.

Expect a continued litany of trivial scandals:"Alternative Facts," "Bowling Green Massacre," etc.

Expect to see obscure social media users vaulted to brief fame as establishments attempt to demonize them as representative of any opposition.

Expect numerous KKK stories, though many KKK members are now federal agents. The KKK is now partly an anti-white false flag operation. It wouldn't surprise me if federal agents actively recruited gullible, low IQ whites for the KKK. Imagine the opposite. Imagine a KKK meeting. The "serious" member asks the undercover agents why they seem lukewarm. That might become awkward. Federal agents probably recruit simply to fit in and keep an eye on KKK types.

The KKK has no business being a part of any white liberation movement. Groups with histories of aggressive acts have no business existing, nor do they have any business being a part of any white liberation movements.

Group polarization keeps the focus away from accurately weighing issues and doing the right things. And ethnoracial diversity is the all-time world champ at creating group polarization.

I often encounter individuals whose political thinking consists of slurs, establishment talking points, and lengthy enemies lists. The emphasis on enemies lists keeps increasing as establishment policies and ideologies increasingly consist of greed mixed with self-contradictory Twitter slogans. Not surprisingly, establishment individuals accuse others of being the Dunning-Kruger "idiots." The ability to experience cognitive dissonance seems almost non-existent among the establishment thinkers. Lord knows they are great successes at contradicting themselves.

Establishment actions matter more than their words.

One problem for establishments is that by giving publicity to those perceived as among the worst, establishments increase the fame and influence of those individuals.

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