Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Crime and Migration Junk Science

A new study asserts there are "no links" between crime and immigration. That's because most street and financial crimes in the United States are committed by the descendants of nonwhite migrants. In other words, the first generation of nonwhite migrants may commit fewer crimes than "natives." But it is because native, nonwhite descendants of migrants commit more crimes than the first generation and whites do. First generation nonwhites are also more clever about avoiding arrests for their crimes than their nihilism, hedonism, and cultural Marxism loving descendants.

The article commits the lump of migrants fallacy, making no distinctions among high crime and low crime ethnoracial groups. But multiculturalists now act to flood the West with more harmful types of migrants.

High IQ Asians do have low rates of street crimes but have high rates of far more harmful bribery, espionage, and other high-functioning crimes. A handful of espionage acts often causes far more harm than millions of burglaries. They also support terrorism against whites exercising their speech rights and other important rights, another type of crime that causes harms far out of proportion to the number of crimes committed.

The article also does not say whether the study relied on self-reports, where many nonwhites are many times more likely to make false statements.

I also doubt the study counted visa fraud and illegal entries as crimes.

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