Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More Uses and Abuses of Rhetoric

One problem for ethnoracial fact facers is the use of inaccurate euphemisms, sometimes borrowed from multiculturalism: egalitarianism, moral universalism, pathological altruism, and other terms.

When apt, we should prefer moral language over medical or psychological language. Pathological altruism should be called misplaced altruism or unethical altruism or destructive altruism.

Moral universalism should be called immoral universalism or anti-white parochialism.

The semi-euphemistic s*cial justice warrior should be replaced with AMB (anti-white mega bigotry) or something similar.

On the plus side, the euphemisms immigration and replacement are now regularly being replaced with the more accurate dysphemism invasion.

Our political opponents, who control nearly all the mass media, use inaccurate super slurs without apparent feelings of guilt: N*zi, b*got, r*cist, f*scist, sh*tlord, n*tivist, r*dneck, Islamophobe, is*lationist, white tr*sh, and white s*premacist.

Some cruder blogs on the alternative right use co*n, k*ke, and other ethnoracial super slurs. This has unintended consequences. Such blogs scare away potential converts. The mass media ban or fire critics of establishments both because because the mass media support anti-white totalitarianism and because crude criticism scares away profitable customers.

Humans have been indoctrinated by establishment institutions to be offended by nonwhite slurs but be blissfully unaware of the ad hominem nature of slurs directed at whites. It is not fair, but that's our situation. Thus, we have multiculturalists, who have spewed thousands of irrelevant ad hominem attacks, making the breathtaking claim they don't use ad hominem attacks or pretending to be civil or moderate or fair minded.

Keep pointing out contradictions. So many exist, especially multiculturalists falsely accusing other beliefs of defects multiculturalism wallows in.

Attack the imagined strengths on multiculturalism: "You think that's moral universalism? No, it's egoism mixed with xenocentrism. You guys demand that nonwealthy whites sacrifice their jobs, lives, schools, countries, freedoms, families, and neighborhoods to vibrant diversity while you guys engage in profiteering and sacrifice almost nothing."

Prefer more accurate words and phrases rather than euphemisms while avoiding ethnoracial slurs.

Keep pointing out how naive whites are about how much unwarranted hatred is felt toward whites, thanks to the onslaught of biocultural totalitarianism.

Keep mentioning that multiracial societies have become long-term disasters 100 percent of the time. Keep pushing secessions and invasion bans. Keep reminding them that bad behavior by multiculturalists rises exponentially as their numbers increase: "You think living in Detroit sucks. You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till the likes of Ibrahim Hooper become presidents and prime ministers." One hundred percent of majority Muslim countries are totalitarian. The same goes for majority black countries.

When articles praise the projected brown and black majority rule over us, point out that that turned out to be a good thing nowhere on earth in the past.

The word nationalist should be avoided simply because it has negative connotations for most Westerners, though nationalists saved the world from Nazism, Maoism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, and economic Marxism. Most individuals don't realize that by the 1970s most of the planet was ruled by economic or cultural Marxism or both. White liberation or pan-whitism or self-determination universalism should be used instead.

Ask economists to provide thorough, well-reasoned arguments on exactly how low IQ, low skill, low productivity, low conscientiousness, high fertility, high totalitarianism, and high free riding brown and black migration is a good alternative, not some BS model full of preposterous assumptions (masses of older whites will retrain for better jobs, everybody is the same deep inside, humans are massively malleable in good directions, nonwhites won't use more political power over whites for nihilism, genocide, and rent seeking). How come these wonderful migrants didn't make their own countries wonderful?

Keep telling the truth. It's one of the few things on the nonmulticultural side.

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