Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Elephants in the Multicultural Room

Multiculturalists and their allies believe nonwhites are genetically equal or superior to whites in all important matters.

Multiculturalists and their allies have believed for several generations they have the world's greatest ideologies: Islam, Maoism, Putinism, globalism, Stalinism, Mugabeism, Keqiangism, Trotskyism, libertarianism, paleo-Marxism, neoconservatism, neoprogressivism, third wayism, and many others.

Multiculturalists and their allies control every major institution on the planet.

Advocates of ethnoracial self-determination, from the Thames estuary to the Tibetan highlands, are fined, fired, jailed or ostracized for thought crimes.

Yet given the above elephants in the room--there's barely breathing space in that room--multiculturalists and their allies act as if "whiteness" deserves primary blame for their own abysmal moral performance, as if some white trailer park in the Ozarks pulls the strings.

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