Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Avoiding Humble, Passive-Aggressive Con Artistry

'Tis the season for dealing with relationships--good and bad.

Many arguments warn us about what are euphemistically called fast men and fast women. More difficult to detect are individuals devoted to subtle, manipulative psychological and evolutionary egoisms, especially during falling in love periods when they feign being reciprocal altruists. Such individuals are sometimes described as nice, pious, humble, hard working, and family oriented by acquaintances. Former partners are less effusive. Feigners will be most motivated to hide their characters when opportunities to exploit a sugar daddies or sugar mommas exist.

How do we separate humble, ethical, hard working reciprocal altruists from those feigning such traits? What are some warning signs behind the humble, manipulative masks?

Often feigners appear to be good ones among bunches of bad kin. Feeling compassion for a potential partner's terrible family situation is not a good reason for a romantic relationship. Why? First, the feigned good ones often regress to their behavioral means after falling in love periods. They'll blame others because their relationships did not meet their fantasy expectations. "So disappointed." Second, bad kin gradually make spouses' lives hellish. In the long run, many feigners will take the side of terrible kin over spouses and other non kin. Third, if they are actually good, but have bad kin, such good ones still carry terrible genes, which will often be expressed in children or grandchildren.

Feigners are seldom cruel enough to treat service workers poorly, but often treat such workers with indifference, unless the service worker is sexually attractive.

Feigners talk often about hopes, plans, and goals but do not put massive efforts into achieving them.

Feigners treat artistic or religious assertions as if they override well-reasoned ethical conclusions, for example, the belief that birth control is a violation of God's will--as their relatives give birth to dysgenic offspring. Watch for very, very narrow pre-conceptions of what constitutes ethical issues.

Watch for contradictions: they feign great interest in your more substantial, well-reasoned intellectual pursuits but remain overly fascinated in celebrities, TV news, pop psychology, spectator sports, and other aspects of mass cultures, treating hedonistic lifestyles as cool, edifying or empowering. Once they get the ring they lose interest in your pursuits, preferring the intuitive appeal of mass cultures. Then what will you talk about over dinner? They'll praise their low character relatives, but during moments of frustration, when one kin harms another, they'll reveal truths that contradict the praise. Feigners exhibit excessive grouchiness over their own minor illnesses such as small cuts, but lack sufficient compassion for health problems experienced by non kin, including spouses. Feigners excessively or inaccurately criticize acquaintances behind their backs while making excuses for terrible behavior by self and close biological kin.

Many who describe themselves as family oriented are often merely family oriented toward close biological kin.

The fact that individuals work 40 plus hours per work is some evidence but not sufficient evidence that they have good work ethics. Being stuck in ethical, low paying jobs because of outside circumstances is acceptable. But do they treat physical effort as drudgery despite having no physical disabilities? Do they work as slowly as they can get away with? Do they take an excessive number of days off work because they don't feel like working? Are they often late to work? Such feigners seek partners to rescue them into a couch potato lifestyle. A good person is self-possessed, a go getter, having little interest in wasting hundreds of hours sunbathing, watching TV or using Facebook. Some individuals are intimidated by go getters, even when they themselves are go getters. Don't be.

I should briefly mention politics. Politically, feigners cause mass destruction, including via their support for mass dysgenic, non white immigration with small sample images of allegedly pious, humble non white women and children, seldom mentioning those women and children are prone to great evils, especially as the children age.

Even in countries where most migrants are on welfare, media and economists keep insisting that non white migrants are humble, hard working, economically beneficial, and beneficial in other ways--and will "pay for retirements."

Their descendants will be far worse.

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