Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ivy League Home Cramming

Many noticed when Ron Unz wrote his article noticing that people of African, Hispanic, and recent Southwest Asian ancestry and cultures were over represented at Ivy League schools, that Whites and Northeast Asians were underrepresented, based on academic performance. To the extent that the mass media noticed, they ignored the White part and emphasized how Northeast Asians were wronged (the mass media almost never notice anti-White wrongs).

Lots of noticing.

The strongest counterargument: Peoples of recent Southwest Asian descent live disproportionately in the Northeast and therefore should be expected to be a disproportionate number of Ivy League students. Also, Andrew Gelman claims Unz overestimated using nontransparent methodology. But Gelman's methodology is also nontransparent. For all we know, Unz, Gelman, and Gelman's allies are all making up numbers.

Whether Unz or Gelman is closer to the truth, that's still a weak counterargument. Ivy League schools demand affirmative action. Peoples of recent Southwest Asian descent rank among the most IQ and economically gifted peoples in post-America. They also benefit from massive ethnoracial networking. Given their gifts, affirmative action would require that Southwest Asians be close to zero percent of Ivy League students, not many times their proportion of the general population.

Another counterargument: Ivy League schools are private. They should admit those they want. Despite being allegedly private, Ivy League schools receive massive infusions from student aid and tax entitlements. We're paying for our own tyranny. Universities are increasingly "hedge funds" with indoctrination centers attached. Harvard had an endowment of roughly $38 billion in 2016. And the individuals managing those funds make fortunes from allegedly non-profit institutions.

Difficult to get into but also difficult to flunk out of, decent educations seldom happen at Ivy League schools. Many community colleges have more difficult classes. They are instead places where unjust elites make connections with each other and reaffirm their fallacious, groupthink worldviews--finishing schools for  totalitarianism.

To the extent that the Ivy League looks like post-America, it looks like psychological and evolutionary egoism, especially from parasitic sectors of the economy: finance, insurance, multiculturalism, and real estate. Future ruling classes shouldn't come from among those already devoted to bribery and tyranny.

In addition to antitrust actions against tech and other oligopolies, we need antitrust actions against the Ivy League.

If a Jewish individual genuinely has a goal of winning a Nobel Prize in chemistry, she can do it elsewhere.

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