Monday, December 28, 2015

Trump and Sanders

Neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders would produce much good if elected. They'd be facing, in courts, Congress, and country clubs, thousands of individuals devoted to various combinations of Randism, militarism, and biocultural Marxism. Ruling groups would gang up on Trump or Sanders to stop policies dead.

Mass media, already vehemently opposed to beliefs from outside the ruling groups, will gleefully blame Trump or Sanders for the inability to get things done. The mass media would demand fake "centrism" and "compromise," code words for more establishment totalitarianisms. Reporters would be dispatched to get the breathless "inside story," interviewing Congress persons devoted to fanaticisms. Expect scenes like this: "We tried to reach out to the president. It's his own fault he's isolated. I invited him to dinner. The president never replied," knowing full well Congress wasn't going to budge their fanatical behaviors.

Powerful individuals, in their wealthy bubbles, consider their beliefs be the most perfect normalcy ever, their monstrous contradictions blissfully ignored. In them, evidence is no match for intuitions.

Trump and Sanders are largely self-driven movements. They have millions of supporters. But negligible support from powerful groups.

Sanders' mask would slip. Sanders would fill his administration with individuals devoted to excessive self-interest and antiwhite totalitarianism, younger variants of Eric Holder and Morris Dees and Tim Wise and Ibrahim Hooper. Sanders ranks among the most well-meaning self-described socialists, comparatively speaking, but where would Sanders find other well-meaning individuals? Not in the armies of progressives devoted to self-contradictions and antiwhite totalitarianism. Almost all contemporary politicians devote themselves to bait-and-switch, but those who follow Marxisms are the worst at it.

Trump's mask would do likewise. Trump tends to agree with Randism or third wayism on most nonimmigration issues. Trump's past behaviors reek of excessive self-interest. On immigration, Trump would rely on signing statements and executive orders. A coup attempt or impeachment over a minor scandal would not surprise.

That's why individuals need to organize and create their own groups and fiercely protect their groups from rent seeking and from being co-opted by establishment totalitarianisms. Those engaged in rent seeking must be expelled from ethical groups.

The likely best result from Trump or Sanders would be decreasing the foreign policy destruction caused by neoconservatism and third way militarism.

Trump and Sanders have shifted Overton windows of acceptable thought but mostly among nonwealthy individuals. Research from Gilens and Page, plus mountains of other evidence, indicates this country hasn't been a democracy in a
long, long time.

Power, repetition, and organization still rule.

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